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When Dominique was over for 5-6 days last time, there was a day when Anahí (my studio assistant) came to work. She was going to do some tidying up and cleaning. As she was locking herself in her red My-Steel (she is required to wear it in the studio) and her cuffs, she said: ‘Dominique is here? I have never met her!’. I couldn’t believe what she was saying, I have been working with both Dominique and Anahí over ten years. They never met???
I sent Anahí up to the room where Dominique was relaxing. A camera recorded their entire meeting, just their genuine conversation and the first time they saw each other’s belts. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to review this footage, I was so curious what they would say about having to wear a chastity belt: Anahí when she is working in my studio, and Dominique for any duration she visits Holland and wants to use my accomodation. I fully expected them to curse me, or think I am weird for locking them up, or even just secretly share the fact they hate their belts.
None of that happened, it seems they have so much chastity belt experience, they don’t even think it is strange or unusual anymore. Anahí mentioned her Locktober challenge to Dominique, who seemed very intrigued. They liked each other a lot I think! The rest of Dominique’s Chastity Deal, Anahí came to the studio to support her, getting into her belt every day to be with Dominique. Girls seem to talk a lot easier to other girls, so it’s probably a welcome change from hanging out with me. I think next time they should sign a deal together! I can think of some nice Challenges for them, like spending a day handcuffed together! I’m sure you will have other suggestions for a Dominique-Anahí Chastity Deal! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. A true dreamteam!, Dominique had to endure a shock chastitybelt in the past with her mom holding the remote, how about a wevibe in Anahi’s belt and Dominique holding the remote, could be fun!!

  2. Don’t handcuff them, but belt cuff them. Run a chain between their belts and take them out in public.

  3. graylion says:

    chain their collars together, and plug them. ideally with shock plugs where hey hold each other’s remotes. and take them out in public, with a leash to the chain between their collars.

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