chastity belt 

Always fun with the super curious Darina! Leave something in the studio and she will find it and play with it. She is never afraid to take a Challenge. This time, she found the belt with the inflatable plug I left in the bedroom (on purpose). I knew she would be too curious to leave it alone.
I challenged her to wear it, and Darina was very happy she would get to try this Challenge. She is a bit crazy! I told her to roll a die to see how many pumps she should give herself. Disappointingly, she rolled a 1. Even Darina said it wasn’t enough. So she rolled again, this time she rolled a 5. Before I knew it, she gave herself 5 more firm pumps and she was now very stuffed inside her belt! My challenge was actually to let the air out again before every roll, but Darina was just adding her rolls!
Next roll was a 6! I stood well back, because it looked like she was actually going to add 6 more pumps. Darina tried, but the plug was already at its maximum size. Luckily, nothing exploded. This girl is so much fun to play with! I just took the keys to her belt and let her play with her pump plug for a while. Darina even tried to walk a bit after pumping the plug to the maximum size. Very awkwardly with bent legs, she didn’t make it very far. She plonked down on the bed to play with her pump more. I think it got her very horny and frustrated, but I didn’t let her out so all she could do was inflate and deflate her plug to get some excitement. Don’t miss this fun update!

2 comment(s) to “Darina Nikitina – the inflatable plug”

  1. Nice! Love to see that you genuinely care for the orgasmic and ecstatic pleasure of the models as well as the viewers. Would love to see Darina return and maybe try a remotely controlled vibrating vaginal plug for Darina to endure. Always a delight to see gorgeous young beautiful models on this site. Would like to see the incorporation of black out contacts for the models eyes for some visual sensory deprivation. Nice

  2. That can be a lot of fun.

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