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At the end of last summer, when we gave Dominique her own belt as part of the contract deal with her mom, Francis was also intested in thigh bands. Even though Dominique did not eventually sign for wearing them (just the belt), they decided to try them on to see what it would be like.

In this update, you can see how Dominique and her mom Francis practise how to walk on stairs in thigh bands. Because of the restricted stride, you really have to be very careful on stairs. If you are not used to the thigh bands, your toe will hit the stair and you will trip in a horrible way, because your upper legs are chained together.

Francis first lets her daughter walk up and down the stairs in their back yard a few times, without the little chain between the bands. Then she proceeds to lock her daughters upper legs together (which pleased her very much for some reason) and together they practise walking up and down a few more times.

We think Dominique did pretty well, but she still would not sign for the thigh bands last summer. She claimed the chastity belt was enough to start with and the dresses she always wears would show the thigh bands too much. Oh well… maybe sometime this year…?


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  1. Almost there, Dominique, almost there. Just a chastity bra and chain linking it with the chastity belt, and everything will be complete.

  2. Good girl practise the chastity life…
    Dominique will certainly be married to a man who will keep the chastity belt on.

  3. Watching the video I’d say that the chain between the tight bands is noisy.
    You should find a way to cover the sound if you’ve planned to make her wear them at the university.

  4. This is one of the best sets on the site. Although the chain between the thigh bands should be a litte longer. I would fit Dominique with the thigh bands permantently, but i would connect them only occasionally if needed. Thus she can get more and more used to the thigh bands.

    In order to get more acceptance by Dominique everything should be done to hide the bands as much as possible. The chaines to the belt should be fixed directly at the bands. The bands themself should have a perfect fit around the legs.

    As far as the noise is concerned, I like that sound, but admittedly it is a nuisance for day to day use. A good workarond is to weld two d-rings on both thigh bands and connect the opposite rings with two little chaines.

    All in all there is still much room for improvement and at the same time constantly getting more acceptance by the wearer.

    Go ahead like this!

  5. I like the idea of having thigh bands attached to a girls chastity belt.By limiting her movements,it makes her act more ladylike.
    Also,if they make a noise when she moves,so much the better.She will have to take care how she moves
    She will also have to wear more modest longer skirts,which I find commendable.

  6. Has Dominique changed her mind about sex before marriage? Is a year of 27/7 chastity too much without so much as a clitoral rub? Can’t Francis make exceptions? Isn’t it enough that Dominique is protected when she go’s out?

  7. john tofte says:

    Great idea adding thigh bands now it is time to allow Dominique to go to a party once in a while.
    She must be about 23 years old now.
    The belt is now a completely natural part of her body, so it is necessary to restrict her ability to move freely, so she do not forget she is in chastity.
    The bands will also hinder wild dancing, and force her to wear long old-fashioned dresses, so the boys will not find her particular interesting.
    It is very wise of Francis, she let her daughter practice walking in her new bonds.
    The thigh bands are to protect Dominique, not to cause an accident.

  8. Can anyone please explain the purpose of thigh cuffs? What has limiting a girl’s movement in common with chastity? I don’t understand that. I understand the belt, the bra, but cuffs and collar (collar is just a symbol of submission to me) are not connected with chastity I think

    • Thigh bands prevent a girl from ‘opening her legs’. In combination with a chastity belt, it is a very effective way of preventing intercourse.

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