chastity belt 

This awesome Challenge was part of a Chastity Deal I did with Kerry from Scotland. Kerry is a genuine bondage lover and she is always messaging me to come back and get locked up in steel. She can spend incredible amounts of time in a double plugged belt, bra, collar and anything else I throw at her. She will never complain. In fact, she loves it!!
Double plugs certainly were a part of this Chastity Deal, which I will show you later. But when I first locked Kerry in her steel gear, I had an idea: what if she would wear an anal hook in the belt’s rear opening? We found out it would lock perfectly to the back of the waist band, which meant the anal hook could not be removed without a key! Very unique and exciting!
Kerry had so much fun being hooked, she discovered the hook could wiggle a little from left to right, so whenever she moved her waist slightly, she felt the hook move deep inside of her. Needless to say, Kerry was dancing and smiling, she couldn’t stop moving! It was a very unique sensation.
I told her to drill an attachment point into the wall, and padlock the anal hook to a chain attached to the wall. Now Kerry couldn’t go anywhere, she was effectively locked to the wall by her anal hook. She tried moving away from the wall, but the chain yanked the hook up further, so she knew she had to be very careful. So much fun! I have never kept a girl chained this way, but with a fun loving Chastity Babe like Kerry, it is always fun to find new and interesting ways to restrain her!


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    Looking good
    That’s a great outfit loving the hook

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