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You must be starting to wonder why so many Chastity Babes are doing household chores, cleaning, cooking, etc. It really is a recurring theme in these updates! But it’s not just me who comes up with these ideas, we had similar videos sent in from Lizanne and Cobie recently.
Maybe you can explain in the comments why cleaning and chores are such a big theme combined with female chastity? Anyway, I received this video of another real life Chastity Babe who is doing chores in her belt, because her Master instructed her to do so. Moni, who is very often belted in her MySteel (and other brands too), does not seem to have an easy day. She is PLUGGED under her belt, harness gagged, and her wrists are locked to her belt. She starts off on the bed, face down, and even getting up is hard enough!
The belt’s anal opening is so perfectly lined up on Moni’s MySteel, it is no wonder she can wear it 24/7. She must be getting really frustrated as there is no reason for her Master to unlock her during the day (or night for that matter). Even for bondage sessions (which they both love), she is often still belted. Moni is sometimes required to insert huge plugs, she is frequently gagged and cuffed.
A perfect submissive! If she is any good at cleaning, she would be a keeper! Let’s find out in this video if she can do all of her chores. It seems Moni gets more and more frustrated when she drops something or when she can’t reach the things she needs for her household jobs. It’s not easy being a belted slave! But Moni looks AMAZING, who wouldn’t love to own her!!?

9 comment(s) to “Moni – household slave”

  1. Erol Hazım says:

    Finally a good girl who knows her place.

    Seems that chastity belts help a lot to educate women. They should be used more frequently inshallah.

  2. Ukchastity2 says:

    Kept as you should be
    Locked plugged and in silence

    • Erol Hazım says:

      The best way to protect a girl from disobedience, inappropriate feminism, excessive vanity, masturbation and awkward unmanmerliness.

  3. Ukchastity2 says:

    As you should be kept locked up tight
    You will obey while locked

  4. Since her crotch band has a perfect fit, she does not need to be unlocked when her spouse wants to enjoy her by using her anal opening, does she?

  5. I see the red hair is back.

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