We received an email from a nice Italian girl. Her name is Donna and she is 19 years old. She is looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam, and she also wants to make some money.
But most importantly: she is very interested in chastity belts!! She has never seen a real belt in her life, only pictures on the internet, but it fascinated her so much she can not stop thinking about it.

We are currently negotiating with Donna. We would like to help her, but she has to agree to certain things in return for accomodation, money, and a chastity belt. Our plan is to put her in a custom made belt (high quality) for 30 days without breaks. This period will begin immediately once the belt is locked, no turning back.

Her belted period of 30 days will be a live-in situation at the ChastityBabes.com HQ. She can sleep and eat in our Amsterdam apartment for the entire 30 days. This will give us a unique opportunity to photograph and film her, and of course interview her about her progress and feelings.

We are not quite sure how this will tie in to this website, perhaps a special Donna section, where members can request reports and make suggestions (rewarding her, or punishing her for bad behaviour, even adding chastity gear like thigh bands and bra).

Any thoughts on this (especially from members)? This is a unique opportunity to belt a very keen young lady who has never been belted before! Let’s make the best of this!

Some Donna details:
– age 19
– Italian
– 1.70 meter
– 50 kilos
– 63 centimeter waist
– two star tattoos on lower abdomen (plus some other tattoos)

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  1. A chastity belt for 30 days makes certainly her well and give us readers something look forward to.
    Win – win for everyone!

  2. georgehs53 says:

    wow …Donna your such a star…. please send the key to the address above!!!!

  3. Can’t wait for the start. Great.

    Would be interesting to see the “customization” of the belt, somebody explaining how and why the belt is adjusted and what is done in order to make the belt work.

    The extra section for her would be a great idea – maybe also to persuade other models.

    Following the steps how she gets used to the belt (report and video) will be interesting to see…

    What about setting up a contract that required the extra gear to be worn during the weekend?

    Once again, something to look forward!

  4. Oh yes, Donna, go ahead and do not hesitate any longer. Let us take part in your journey into a life in chastity.

    The idea of an extra section and the temporary addition of thigh bands and/or a bra is very much appreciated.

    I do look forward as well.

  5. I would come up with a one month calendar of activities. A yoga session. A day at a pool in a workout club. A day at the mall buying clothes. Maybe a trip to a all female college and talk about alt lifestyle. Thigh bands and bra are a must. Maybe have her roll dice each morning with a odd equals no bra and even equals bra. I would also include extreme high heels and a locking ankle cuff that prevents the heels from being removed. Some humiliation stuff would also be great.

    • I agree totally, i would love to see some humiliation stuff incorporated into this 30 days, and also the high heels/ ankle cuffs is a good idea i think as well, and maybe let her try some thigh bands just to see what it feels like….

      • I am sad to say i am not a member currently, and it is a little frustrating to not be able to see any videos on here. I know that the videos are to encourage people to join, but just for this “Donna” section, i would love to be able to see some videos, and i agree with Bob, let her unwrap the belt and lock it onto herself. I also agree with Fan, how there should be some videos about the adjustments of the belt, but maybe make them accessable to anyone so non members can enjoy this experience as well?

        • robinsena says:

          i think along with the bra she should have a pair of the stainless steel high heels they lock on and would match the belt perfect and my master says it maychesmy belt

      • Forestier says:

        I don’t like “humiliation”, but some night cuffing could be pleasing (for us, at least). You could use this time to wash the CB and her crotch. I’m sure such nights would be enjoyable ;-)

  6. if she’s never been belted before, it will be hard – nearly impossible, to be belted for 30 days as a start…

  7. Why would she wear a belt, beside making some money and accommodation reasons?

    • I would wear the belt just to keep the belt I personally wouldn’t want paid for it or any money for it as long as I could keep the belt I would be happy

  8. Forestier says:

    Sounds promising.

  9. This is a fantastic idea. In addition to regular video and photo updates, how about a regular blog entry from Donna herself? Also, could you post a copy of the contract?

    I obviously think the contract signing and belting should be included in the first update. It would be very interesting to see a nonfiction reaction when a girl first hears the lock click. Like Jim said, a schedule of events would be great as well.

    For Donna’s sake as well as the site’s, I wouldn’t want anyone to overstep any bounds, but what about occasional chastity in a public setting? Maybe she could wear a bikini to a public pool or a sports bra to a public gym. People’s reactions could be very interesting. I wouldn’t want her or the site to get in trouble, but if she’s courageous enough to share her first chastity experiences on the web, maybe she wouldn’t mind showing her belt in public.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents. What does everyone think?

    • georgehs53 says:

      – as Donna has never seen a belt – the first time she should see it should be when its locked into place for the 30 days so that its a first time for everything….. her reaction to watching the shield being raised between the legs and the lock snapping shut after the first time wont be the same so capturing her reaction is very important….

  10. In Donna’s introduction, it appears she has never even seen a chastity belt. She should be blindfolded, ears covered with hearing protection and handcuffed to the ceiling while the belt is being locked on. Only then can Donna finally see what a real belt looks like.

    • Now that sounds like an awesome idea!

    • I’d much rather watch her unbox it and figure out how to put it on, slowly realising the full implications of what she’s signed on to!

      • Maybe the best way to start Donna in the chastity lifestyle is to let Donna decide who will lock the belt on her. Will she do it or will she let someone else belt her? I would suggest when or if Donna does become a chastity babe the first video shows her BEING belted.

  11. Also, could we learn a little more about Donna? Is she sexually active? Does she masturbate? Not to pry, but that would be a lot different from belting a virgin who has never touched herself. Know what I mean?

  12. I can’t imagine having to wear the belt for 30 days without ever getting it off when it’s the first time. I still find 30 days hard (cleaning, skin irritation, etc) and I have been belted for some time now.

    The first time your skin will probably become red and irritated already after a day or two. 30 days does not sound realistic.

    • Although 30 days is too much for first time, but I believe it’s still doable.

      • It certainly is doable, and I have been locked for 30 days some times before (and currently am actually). Just not for the first time.

      • I’m no expert but I think the chances are 50% 50%… the belt has to fit perfectly and she has to move and sit extra carefully in order to prevent her skin from becomming sore. She’ll have to clean herself every day and the belt has to come of for 5 minutes at least once or twice a week in order to apply skin cream and unguent properly… it’s also only doable if she’s shaving regularly, so she doesn’t get pimples when she’ll be shaved right before starting the 30 days and maybe 2-3 times during that 30 days….A 30 day lockin without ever opening the belt before the end is impossible in my point of view

        • Well, I agree with you.

          Maybe the contract should be: Must be worn for 30 days. In extreme cases with skin irritation or severe redness, the belt can be removed for applying lotion and maybe shaving. However supervision and video surveilance is a necessity.

  13. she would make a nice addition to chastity babes family

  14. This will definitely push me over to buying membership!
    Perhaps there could be a vote to decide which belt she would be made to wear.

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