chastity belt 

Some of our members want to see a more strict way of casting new girls, and now Alyssia is the first victim this request. We just told her it was all the members’ fault :-)

Chained to the ceiling, Alyssia is standing and waiting, wearing only lingerie. She has a tall slender body, very long hair, and she is a little apprehensive about what is going to happen. We did not give her many details about this casting.

Our webmistress is quick to pull down Alyssia’s panties, and before our casting girl can respond, the chastity belt is already snapped onto her tiny waist. Pulling up the crotch piece makes Alyssia feel the chains tighten between her ass, and the belting is complete before she can really say more than ‘I don’t want it’. Now the dual padlocks and padlock protectors are installed and clicked shut. Alyssia is powerless, and all she can do is look down to where it is all happening.

No need for handcuffs anymore, we release the freshly belted girl from the ceiling. She tugs the locks, and then quickly grabs her panties from the floor to put them back on over the belt. We guess it makes her feel a little less vulnerable, but it doesn’t make much of a difference. Alyssia is left belted and a little stunned. What just happened?


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  1. Hey, SHE is the one I want to marry!

  2. Excellent work. Personally, I’ve been waiting for a shoot like this since this site launched. I sincerely hope content like this is the future of this site.

  3. I agree with Justin.I want to see more of this kind of belting. Obviously the average girl doesnt want to wear a chastity belt,but her parents think it necessary to prevent her from being naughty and playing with herself.

  4. I personally have been keeping tabs on the sites updates to see how they are progressing. This is a step forward on what I assume a lot of people would like to see. Another big change I would wish for is more then 1 update a week. This site has very high quality potential and I would pay more if it wasn’t just 4 updates each month.

  5. I also love this developement I’ thinking about rejoining

  6. What an update! Like the opinions above, I like the development, the last last three updates are going (according to my opinion) in the right way. BTW: I just rejoined.
    One more comment: What about a CB “Clinic” with a special chair where all necessary parts of the body can be easly be reached and the girl can be affixed? More easy than to be chained to the roof. Actions could be customizing the CB, the belting itself, and maintenance with cleaning and shaving (or for brave girls waxing) like for example the KH “delivers” the girl at the reception with the key.
    Would that be an idea?

  7. This is a much better premise for a shoot. Unwillingness to be belted is most of the enticement. Also props on the model. Very cute. Add thigh bands and a skirt and shirt and send her to the store for shoes. She will be very nervous for the employee to see up her skirt as she tries on heels.

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