chastity belt 

While Josie was spending lots of time in her full chastity outfit, there was plenty of opportunity to shoot her for other websites. Of course, she couldn’t take off her chastity belt, chastity bra, and collar because of the Chastity Deal. So the members of those other websites were in for a bit of a surprise. I am sure they didn’t mind!
Josie was going to attempt an escape challenge for, hogcuffed with 3 pairs of hinged handcuffs! First, she did a really nice photo shoot, cuffing herself. The behind-the-scenes video of this photo shoot is included in the downloads here today! Then it was time for her to attempt to escape from all these handcuffs! I put the key in front of her face, so the first thing she needed to do was get the keys to her hands. Josie wriggled around on the bed in the tight hogcuff position for a while, picking up the key with her mouth.
It took a lot of effort, and Josie was struggling a lot. She had no experience with handcuffs, so she didn’t know where the keyholes were. She tried feeling around with her fingers, struggling and turning to see the cuffs. She was exhausted at the end! Spoiler: Josie did not manage to escape, and I left her on the bed for a while in those cuffs to catch her breath. She is such an awesome genuine person, she loved every challenge and every shoot! I think Josie was born to be locked in metal, but she didn’t realise how much she liked it until this Chastity Deal!


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  1. David Sellmon says:

    Any words on whether she wants to come back??

  2. I like seeing Josie restrained in handcuffs and her chastity belt, keeping her black wristwatch is a lovely touch.
    I’d like to see more Chastity babes keeping their watches on especially carrying out their challenges.

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