chastity belt 

It was such a great Chastity Deal with the very positive Sophia Smith! She does not complain, even though the belt and thigh bands combination caused a very sensitive pinching point near a very personal area… She is always looking at me with her ‘is that all you got?’ expression and she is very down to earth and open minded about the whole thing.
Spending such a long time locked in metal is not easy. Want to try it yourself? Feel free to apply! It looks very easy, but there are a lot of problems and issues to deal with, not even considering the frustration and horniness most girls experience. It’s not soft leather, you can not take it off when you want to, it is metal LOCKED on your body. Very tight!
Sophia Smith was in a full chastity outfit the entire time. She needed a break, but here at a break does not mean any gear is unlocked. If you want a break, you can get caged on request. Sophia bravely selected the top cage, which is not a wise choice if your legs are locked together with thigh bands. But she got in the cage by herself! Very impressive! As I removed the chair, she realized she would never be able to get out again (unless she would drop onto the floor, not a good idea), but I padlocked the cage anyway. I like EXTRA security and holding keys to a girl’s freedom. At that point, I had probably about 9 keys in my back pocket, can you guess what they were all for?
Sophia Smith got her well-deserved break, but sleeping in a cramped cage, locked in full chastity (oh and handcuffs too!)… it’s still a Challenge!

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  1. Keep her as a housepet

  2. Matthew meuleman says:

    make her have a life time in chastity have her live in chastity for the rest of her life

  3. You have to get this beautiful women back for more shoots. Would love to see her waking up and finding herself in all the gear.

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