chastity belt 

There is a lot more to Dominique than meets the eye. Although the part that does meet the eye is very beautiful, she is a smart and cunning girl, and she is about ready to try a daring escape from her belt. Why? Maybe she met some nice guy in town, or maybe she just wants to play with herself after all these months.

In the shower, where her mother Francis can not see her, Dominique has somehow hidden a huge pair of bolt cutters. Quietly, she slips off her robe and picks up the tool. It turns out to be very hard to operate a pair of bolt cutters on yourself, now she wished she had picked a smaller pair…

But it is already too late, her mom storms in and grabs the bolt cutters from Dominique. The poor chastity babe can not win the tugging battle and she ends up with nothing, still firmly belted, double padlocked, pussy lips caught in the shield cage. Francis is furious and reminds her of the signed contract.

With her mother’s trust gone, Dominique will have to be washed and bathed by her mother for quite some time before being allowed to shower on her own again. Life is getting harder on our poor contracted chastity babe, but we certainly like Francis’ enforcement.


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  1. georgehs53 says:

    oh dear…..very naughty!…. looks as if she needs to learn a lesson and so the length of the contract extended as punishment by some months….surely there’s a penalty clause in there for trying to escape…..??

  2. Dominique, that’s not safe to use a bolt cutter. Bolt cutters aren’t very nice to human skin.

  3. Surely this deserves punishment. Thigh bands for the next month would seem most suitable to the occasion.

    • Or maybe a tighter belt. Or a whole night unbelted and handcuffed to the bed. That would teach her.

    • Oh, yes this beahviour should definitely be punished. I suggest thigh bands as well. However, I am not sure what the contract says about misbehaviour. I am courious about what the mother is intended to do.

  4. Thigh bands would be a nice punishment,but the naughty girl needs more than that.
    Her mother should buy her rigid leather mittens and strap them her wrists completely immobilizing her hands.
    Then she is prevented from touching anything.That will be suitably frustrating

  5. rather than thigh bands how about putting her in a chastity bra so she cant even play with her own breasts.

  6. There are these locking mechanisms that can’t be cut with a bolt cutter… no matter what size she’ll pick… maybe you should have Francis upgrade to such a system

  7. upgrading the lock system as well as a chastity bra and thigh bands seem to be the next step

  8. Very hot girl. but there needs to be a stern punishment for this behavior. restraints to a bed would be great.

  9. john tofte says:

    Don´t let us be to hard.
    Dominique has not been able to tuch herself for 3 months, and while her girlfriends have boyfriends, and boast about how delightful it is to have sex, Dominique must suppress any lusts she might feel, knowing the belt prevents her in doing any such things.
    Francis´s reaction is the right one. First stopping the crime by grabbing the bolt cutter. Then she subdue her daughter by forcing her to be washed by her mother, and at last she will durring the next month increase the supervision, and inspections of the locks on the belt.
    You can always trust Francis, she is a supermom.
    Anyway no harm was done, the girl had no chance to open the belt with the cutter.

  10. B.D. Scrivener says:

    Dominique’s punishment seems obvious to me: Disobedient girls deserve a firm spanking. And I agree with Jim that a night or two in bed restraint would teach the little minx to keep those naughty hands from any mischief.

    But I’m a bondage-and-discipline guy and that may too far down the spectrum for this site even though chastity is itself a form of restraint. Still an enjoyable scenario here, though!

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