chastity belt 

Very unexpectedly, tiny Russian submissive Polina contacted me again after her Casting and Chastity Deal! Remember her? She was so cute, and the chastity gear looked so big on her! Polina is a very small girl, but I managed to resize a belt and a bra just for her.
She messaged me she was coming back to Holland with her friend Nedda. Well, if you google ‘Nedda A nude’ you will see how incredibly popular this girl is! Wow! And here is the most unbelievable part: she is even smaller than Polina! Hmm, wait… no the most unbelievable part is: they are girlfriends!! So basically Polina messaged me asking if I would be interested in shooting a video with two tiny lesbian lovers in chastity. Well… okay if you insist :D
And I wasn’t disappointed! Wow, these girls really got into it. After I somehow fabricated the smallest belt I have ever adjusted, and locked them in collars, they relaxed on the bed to see if they could still touch their (and each other’s) favourite spots. Polina and Nedda might be the hottest duo I have shot so far! They kiss eachother all the time (and I mean KISS) and their prying fingers were all over their belts, especially the rear opening of course. Don’t miss this hot video, it is definitely worth watching!

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  1. I knew when to sign up… Exquisite… Shame the video is not longer and that they didn’t “kiss” the belts.

  2. LoveSteel says:

    “managed to resize a belt and a bra”, great! But why is Polina not in that bra? For Nedda would it be great too? The BBC (belt bra collar) protocol for both.

  3. You should further explore this subject ;)) one lovely thing about some kind of ChB is the full exposure of the little bum hole… Suggestion: the girls to butt plug each other… with those jewel ruby plugs…;))))

  4. One of the best and hottest video of the site…

  5. Here we might have the perfect candidates for that night in “bunk beds” with fences I suggested, get them bras too and maybe a chain connecting their collars as only connection between them in the night aside of talking. Chastity is about denial, isn´t it?

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