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Natalia Forrest wasn’t doing so great in her latest full Chastity Deal. Locked in a tight FancySteel belt, with added thigh bands, a chastity bra, collar, leg irons, and wrist cuffs, she kept complaining and complaining. Eventually, I decided to lock her in the basement and leave her alone for a while. She was chained to the radiator and all by herself (but don’t worry, I had a camera running and I was monitoring her from upstairs).
Annoyingly, Natalia still was very restless, pulling the chain leash, complaining, mumbling how she wished the Deal was over. She also kept tugging on the belt and bra. Something had to be done! After a few hours, I added a straitjacket and a big ballgag. The biggest ballgag that Natalia Forrest has ever been gagged with, in fact!
It finally helped. A little. She could not complain anymore, but she still made a lot of moaning and whining noises, even the big gag couldn’t stop her from making these sounds. Her arms were now wrapped around her body, she couldn’t use her fingers anymore, so I was hoping she would quiet down and accept her fate. Did she? Well, you know Natalia Forrest! She is never happy in her Chastity Deals. Not many people treat her like this, she gets very upset. Still, she signed this Deal herself, so she will have to complete it. And she usually does… but not without complaining a lot!

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  1. Maybe it would be a good idea to sentece her to darkness by making her wear a full leather hood or a metal globe around her head. Totally black contact lenses would be great as well.

  2. I second the request for BLACKOUT CONTACT LENSES for the gorgeous Natalie Forrests beautiful eyes. Would also recommend an internal vaginal and anal probe that would randomly vibrate and stimulate this lovely female to orgasmic oblivion to keep her happy and in ecstatic bliss. IT BE WEKID!!

    • David Sellmon says:

      Blackout contact lenses would be awesome. But I think it’d be interesting to *not* ad tons of bondage and plugs, just a tight chastity belt, the contact lenses and some additional restrictions so that the model can’t remove the lenses on her own, I guess. Maybe chaining the wrists to the belt, but make the chain long enough, so she can go through her day fairly uninhibited. Also let her put on some comfy clothes before, I’d love to see such a shot.

  3. @ukchastity2 says:

    internal vaginal and anal probe that would randomly vibrate and stimulate sounds like a great idea for Natalia Forrest give her something to moan about!

  4. @ukchastity2 says:

    internal vaginal and anal probe that would randomly vibrate and stimulate what a great idea!

  5. Usually, chastity belts are sufficient to ensure good female behaviour.

    Seems that they don’t work with Mrs. Forrest?!

    @ Webmaster:
    Can’t you put her in long-term chastity? I think, 16 weeks could be a good beginning.

  6. Matthew meuleman says:

    i think a life in chastity is better for her

  7. Michael Vos says:

    Hey beautyfull

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