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Poor Ulysse! She doesn’t really like any of her Challenges, but she signed up for 24 hours in the FancySteel belt! I put her in the prison cell for a few hours, locked in a waist chain and ankle cuffs. She was wearing a real orange prison jumpsuit and white slippers. But the prison cell was freezing cold, and Ulysse got bored pretty quickly, so she started banging her chains on the bars.
I came in to check what all the noise was, and that is exactly what she wanted: some attention. I asked what was wrong and she said it was too cold. This gave me an evil idea: I pretended I would change her clothes to something warmer. Her wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs were unlocked so she could take off the jumpsuit (but the waist chain stayed on). I ordered Ulysse to hand me the orange jumpsuit and slippers, so I could get something warmer.
Instead, I just told her to lock her ankles and wrists back in the cuffs again and I left her (static camera still running). Now Ulysse was completely naked, in her chastity belt and collar, chained in her prison cell. Needless to say, she was NOT happy about this. Maybe the next Challenge should be a bit nicer? What do you think?

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  1. This girl has gott too much freedom! Put her in a small cage!

  2. I recall you once had my favorite Filipina-Brit girl, Natalia in chastity prison once! Having been a jailer in a woman’s penitentiary, this has been my favorite punishment to badly behaved convict girls! We can’t legally do this in the US, but I have warned many of my prisoners that they would end up in this predicament if they didn’t shape up and behave! Look forward to more such posts!

  3. Ulysse seems to have somehow slipped my notice before now but after seeing this video I went back and looked at her previous appearances on Chastity Babes. After having done so I hope that you can get Ulysse to agree to more chastity deals in the future.

    Based upon her casting she could easily hide a chastity belt under a mini-dress in the summer and in the cb838 video as well a in this update she seems to be both willing to talk on camera and to try challenges.

    I would like to see if you could get Ulysse to try a plug deal this coming summer of 2020. A video with her in a plugged belt and mini-dress in the style of cb308-Donna-memory lane however with a plug in.

    Also, if you can get Ulysse to do a plug deal it will be the first time a Chastity Babe will have worn a plug in a FancySteel belt.

    • I think we have had a plug in a FancySteel before?

      • You are right, I was mistaken. You had Darina wear a FancySteel with a plug in cb600.

        What was making me misremember was the fact that you fitted the nylon plug from the NeoSteel belt to a FancySteel belt instead of one of the FancySteel metal plugs like I have seen on their website.

        On a side note is it possible that FancySteel, in exchange for the publicity they might get from having it shown off on Chastity Babes, Metal Bondage, and Shock Challenge, might be willing to loan you one of their FancySteel Advanced women’s chastity belts?

      • Oops, I also missed KittyDenied with a plug in her FancySteel belt.

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