Master M and slave LBreaking news! I found this handsome duo online, and I thought their dynamic was very interesting. Master M is training his young slave L to be a perfect blowjob slave girl by keeping her in a (pink) chastity belt and. Every time she gives a good blowjob, she will earn some ‘tokens’. Once she has gathered enough tokens, she will be let out of the belt for sex. Then she will be locked again and the deal begins again.
Of course, I was very intrigued by how this works. How many tokens does she have to earn? How do they keep track? What does the chastity belt dynamic add to their relationship? I decided to invite them to the studio for an interview (and a demonstration). Stay tuned, they will drop by on Friday! This is going to be interesting!

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  1. Sounds interesting, I look forward to Friday.

    On a side note this reminded me of the “Anal Only Lifestyle” blog/forum which can involves vaginal chastity.

  2. I want to be a master too

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