chastity belt 

This update shows Dominique and her mom Francis in the beautiful countryside (where they live), having a mother-daughter conversation during their afternoon stroll.

While Dominique does not even seem to notice her belt anymore, Francis still checks it regularly to see if it is not cutting into her daughter’s skin. She wants Dominique to be safe and secure, but she absolutely does not want to hurt her.

Francis casually lights a cigarette and the duo happily talks about all kinds of things. They even walk arm in arm, so their relationship seems to hold up very well, even under the strain of the 12 month contract. We will keep a close eye on developments in this situation, but so far so good!


3 comment(s) to “Dominique and Francis – afternoon walk”

  1. What is the 12 month contract? Once Francis has her daughter comfortably wearing the belt,I would think that she should have to wear it 24/7 to be safe and secure.
    I would slso think that mother would not like her daughter playing with herself?

  2. Until now we can’t see her in real public…
    What about a walk through Prague (as she is czech anyhow)? I’d know there some great photo-locations for this…

  3. john tofte says:

    I am pleased to see, how much attention Francis gives her daughter, and that the belt seems to have become a natural part of Dominique´s life. But still Francis never forgets to check the locks on her daughter´s belt. Very good !

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