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Cindy Dollar is back! This cute Czech girl will attempt running on the treadmill with a vibrating egg inside her tight FancySteel belt!
This has not been attempted before: a full run (not walking pace), with the egg turned up to the maximum level! Cindy had a very hard time concentrating on her steps, running at speed while the egg inside her belt made her legs very weak. It’s hard to run when your legs feel so wobbly!
I like doing Challenges with Cindy, she is up for anything! Any plug, vibrator, machine, all gear, she will do it. She is just so easy going! With her incredible body and cute face, it is always fun to shoot with her. I don’t know if she fully understands what I am saying all the time, but who cares! She smiled a lot and she thought it was awesome to do this Challenge!
If you want to know how hard this is, go to your local gym with a vibrating egg inside and try the treadmills. You will see it requires focus and technique, and it can be rather dangerous. Cindy did a great job, she was doubly exhausted (from the running and from the vibrations), and she needed a little break after this run! Enjoy watching this video, and please send in more ideas for Cindy to try, she will literally do anything!

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  1. this looks like fun, making it hard and fun for the girls , here she actually has to work instead of just looking pretty, more of these videos webmaster

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