chastity belt 

Britney was so confident she could do 4 hours in the Carrara mask, I was very impressed with her attitude. She looked so amazing in her full chastity gear, with her super long legs and arms, and the mask just completed the locking metal outfit.
Britney’s speech was a little funny with the tight mask, but she could still talk. That was not the problem. Her biggest issue is she got REALLY hungry. She is a top level dancer, she is used to eating a lot of calories for her training. No worries though, I went up to the bedroom and brought her her favorite food: white chocolate! She was pretty disappointed when she realized she really couldn’t eat anything because of the locking grill mouth piece. She even tried to push the chocolate through the grill, but it didn’t work.
To make sure she wouldn’t eat the chocolate, I brought her the full plate mouth piece. Britney was very intrigued by how that would work. I showed her the way to unlock the grill mouth piece and replace it with the full plate. She really thought it was very cool! It seems nothing can break Britney’s positive attitude to life.
With the full plate locked on, I left her for the remainder of the 4 hours. But not before turning up the chin screw all the way. The chin plate can be adjusted to go up, pushing the jaw closed. This finally stopped Britney from commenting on everything, she couldn’t speak anymore, there was only a soft muffled sound coming from her. I left her there with the static camera running. She could have easily unscrewed the chin plate, but it looked like she couldn’t really figure that out. Britney is cute and positive, but also very gullible and sometimes… not so bright.

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  1. Wow!!!

    Where to buy the mask?

    • The mask is by “Carrara Designs”, just do a web search for that and you should find their website at the top of the list. You can find the mask listed under Products-> Collars, Toys and Bondage-> Hannibal Mask.

  2. You should have put a rod through the loop of the screw that had a hole in the end for the shackle of a padlock that could be locked to the collar so that the screw could not be rotated.

    Also, is the hole on the center of the full plate so that it can mount a dildo or a gag?

    • Just a lock between the loop of the screw and the ring of the collar may do the trick.

      The hole on the center of the full plate is for having a drink using a straw ;)

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