Cobie on
Can 8 chains hold Cobie? We will have to try it! This was actually her own wish, she wanted to see how it would feel to be held by 8 chains. It turned out to be very interesting, because a chain on all 4 sides of her waist and neck means that she can not move at all. She is held in the middle, unable to even wriggle. It was a lot more restrictive than Cobie had expected! Also, the tall Giraffe Collar meant she couldn’t move her head, and we locked her wrists behind her with her arms spread out. Yes, it is safe to say Cobie was very stuck in this spectacular position! See the update on

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    I wonder if Cobie is able to walk in this contraption?

    And yes, where is her bra :)

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