chastity belt 

RussiaAfter a quick toilet break during Ariel’s Casting, she came back into the room to find her belt looking a bit different! I replaced the perforated front shield with a slotted one and locked a huge heavy 5-ball dildo inside the chastity belt.
Ariel was shocked, although that may have been acting. She was even more shocked at my other ‘present’, which was a good size jewel butt plug. She can’t have been too confused though, because when I asked her if she knew what it was, she said yes, and she inserted it into the right place with a little bit of effort.
Girls always go really quiet and shy when they are butt plugged (good tip, try it at home!), and Ariel was about to get even more flustered when she slid the big 5-ball dildo inside of her. To get the belt to close, she needed to push this dildo all the way in, and you could tell it was quite the challenge for her. It made her very aroused but also a bit unsure. She knew she had to do this, but this was getting intense!
After the belt was locked on, she commented how it was tighter than before. That is correct: a plugged belt will sit tighter on the body, the belt can not move sideways anymore. She soon found out that the plug could slide back and forth though, enabling her to bend over and even kneel down. Ariel was going to be in this double plugged situation for an hour more, but she was getting a bit desperate: she said she couldn’t do an hour because it was too tight. But I had the keys, and one hour it was going to be!!

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  1. One hour plugged was nice of Webmaster but I think a big challenge for a beginner.

  2. How can be belt become tighter with plug? I still don’t get it.

  3. Why is there no picture set for this update?

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