chastity belt 

SpainAs always, Liz started out very cheerful and happy with her chastity Challenge. She moved around a lot which caused a lot of friction from the plugs inside her: a big blue buttplug and a 5-ball vaginal plug. They were rubbing against each other on the inside. Because the belt was so tight, the plugs were pushed in deep and Liz got really aroused by the feeling of being filled!
But as the hours went by, Liz started to move around less. Changing from lying down to standing up pushed the plugs in deep and she really felt that! Liz wanted to touch herself, she was so wet! It got harder and harder to move, until she was basically just lying down flat and staying still to avoid stimulating herself more. You could say the plugs were are kind of bondage, because moving was getting too hard. All she could do was lie down.
She found a mattress in the prison cell and that’s where she ended up, face down, unable to move. I challenged her to get up and write her feelings on the wall. Liz wrote ‘I hate you’ (ok, I got that coming), and ‘I want to masturbate’. She wasn’t too happy about her situation, but I wasn’t going to let her out yet! Those plugs would stay in there for a while longer! I just locked the prison cell and turned off the lights. Liz wouldn’t get any sleep though! Not like this. It was a real Challenge for her, and she would have to deal with it.

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  1. Liz wrote ‘I hate you’ and now is the question if it is the chastity belt, plug or webmaster she hate???
    But she dress so nice in this blue set, so I hope she will wear it for a long time.

  2. Nice. It is the best when girls get super horny rather than just uncomfortable. Would love to see more few day challenges with the same outcome on the first evening.

  3. Perhaps she should have been put in a gag and mittens for expressing such thoughts in writing. A good girl would have written “I love you” and “I will not masturbate without permission”. Nonetheless, she is gorgeous. Well done!

  4. I love Liz Rainbow, she looks so pretty. And naughty with that buttplug!

  5. I wish we had this as a picture set too, though…

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