chastity belt 

Meanwhile, with Polina, I started to work through the language barrier. She is actually one of the funniest Chastity Babes ever! We understand each other a lot better now and she is hilarious.
Still locked in her tiny tight belt and bra, Polina is having a great time in Holland. She even would agree to a much longer Chastity Deal, but I had to let her go because I ran out of time (other girls were coming over)! She could actually stay locked for months if that would let her stay in Holland. She loves it here so much I wonder if she has anything at home to go back to.
Watching her eat her lunch with her little pig tails, cute collar, and her wrists chained together, I just had to smile. She is actually eating an entire lettuce head for lunch. And when I asked her why, she said she didn’t want to get fat because of the tight belt. And she doesn’t want to go to the toilet so often, because I make her pee through the belt and she thinks it is hard to clean. At which point she decides to make a HUGE cup of tea. Polina is just so funny!
I really need more places to host Chastity Deals, because I am running out of time keeping all girls locked in Holland. I have 2 spare bedrooms in the Chastity Mansion but it has been really busy. If you are in Holland and you have space AND TIME to host Chastity Babes, get in touch! I can use some help. I can assure you, it will bring a smile to your face seeing these girls run around at your place. Especially if they are like Polina, she is so silly and cute!

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  1. I feel your frustration but it sounds like you are not complaining. Looks like it’s time to shop around for an apartment building

  2. Хех, хотел бы узнать фамилию Полины (Show it to Polina)

  3. Grumpy Scottish Biker says:

    I can’t be the only one who would love to see a photoshoot with all the girls in one place.

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