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Many people ask me how Cobie is doing! Well, she is still in her home country (Australia) where it’s summer at the moment of course. It is very hot over there! Cobie still loves wearing her FancySteel as often as she can, even if the hot weather means she can not cover up the waistband.
Not many girls have their own belt (Lizanne, Sophie, Cobie, Anahi, Dirty Mary, and Pling come to mind), but if they do it is amazing to watch. Because they wear their custom made belts so often, they are completely used to the feeling and they often don’t even realize the belt is there. Also, the fit of a custom made belt is just perfect, it has to be. Cobie’s belt is super tight, she can’t get a finger in between, no matter what position her body is in.
Doing her stretches, Cobie is demonstrating how well her FancySteel fits her. It is not easy to do any kind of exercising in a belt, but Cobie is a professional Chastity Babe. She can do anything in a belt and she would never ask to be unlocked for anything. Fitness in these temperatures is a bit of a challenge! Cobie is determined to keep in shape, even when it is very exhausting to do her stretches in her belt. She even removes her fitness shorts to cool down a bit, but it does not help much.
I always love to receive home videos from Cobie to check if she is doing ok, happily locked in her FancySteel. She is one of my favorite Chastity Babes, and it is always great to see footage of her in her belt! Such a perfect locked girl!

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  1. She truly is a hardcore chastitybabe, THE BEST!!! Together with Lizanne, how is she by the way?

  2. David Sellmon says:

    Just ask her!

  3. It is always nice to see Cobie and a plus when she has her chastity belt on.

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