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As you may have seen, the lovely Misha (who is actually one of the top Chastity Babes here) visited me again with her new friend Bridgette. I locked them in chastity belts for (check it out if you missed that one!), and they had a lot of fun being my slaves for a day.
With similar body types and wardrobe, it was just fun to get them in matching chastity belts and collars, and let them spend some more time together, as they really seemed to be good friends. This was all in good fun, I don’t think Bridgette is a real submissive, but she is really beautiful and having her try a belt and collar (for her first time!) was a great day for all three of us.
Of course, I did not just shoot a MetalBondage update, I actually chained their big collars together and filmed them on the bed. To my surprise, they removed their lingerie quite fast, curious as they were to explore their restraints. They seemed to think it was an escape challenge of some sort, tugging the locks, and trying to find the keys somewhere under the pillows and sheets. But there were no keys. I just wanted to see them deal with the chain linking their collars. They are best friends, but would the chain annoy them? Or would they be able to coordinate their movements for a while? Interesting and VERY sexy!!

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  1. NICE!! Such a lovely shoot with two such lovely and beautiful ladies locked into chastity belts with Misha and Bridgette. Really love to see such wonderful ladies enjoying each other and like the lingerie also. Misha and Bridgette look lovely together caressing each other but would really like to see them kissing and loving on each other and maybe even try rubbing each other to orgasm but only getting very frustrated with the chastity belts locked onto their bodies. NICE!! A wonderful shoot and please bring them back in a more involved chastity adorned outfit. ~S

  2. Seriously,

    if they like each other so much, invite them for a month living chained together and belted.

    I would assume that to carry quite some consequences.

  3. A chained together chastity deal would be pretty great.

  4. A chained together deal could be a lot of fun, especially perhaps with certain periods where the chain is shortened, or with certain tasks they must complete. Better yet, get two girls who may not necessarily like each other and task them to perform various – sometimes sexy – challenges and see how they bond.

    A lot of mileage in that, I reckon…!

  5. Imagine the erotic frustration those two lovelies must feel. Will it sweeten or sour their affection for one another?

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