chastity belt 

Polina got her punishment in full chastity: she was chained to the wall for a few hours without her phone. This cute Russian girl is a bit strange. The language barrier confuses us both when I ask if she likes her punishment, and she is always really cheerful, so I was not really sure what she meant. Polina seems to say yes to everything.
So when I asked if she liked being chained to the wall, her answer wasn’t very clear. She probably meant to say no, but when I asked if she would like something else as a challenge, I meant something else ADDED to her punishment. When I strapped this cute girl in the bolero style straitjacket, she was a bit confused on how that would improve her situation. Especially since the bra, belt, collar, and chain did not come off.
Polina was still smiling though, it seems she likes everything I add to her punishment hours. She enjoyed struggling in the jacket for a bit, although she needed a bit of help when she fell over. I can not believe she fell for my trick a second time though, because when I asked if she would like something else, she said yes AGAIN! So I added a tight harness ballgag. Believe me, it was for her own protection. At least now she couldn’t agree to any more punishment gear. I left her there for a good few hours, and STILL Polina wants to continue being a Chastity Babe here in Holland (as long as she can go out in Amsterdam once in a while and get some… well you know)…

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  1. The combination of bra and jacket looks tight and restrictive. I’m glad that neither is the case here nor does Polina seem claustrophobic about them. Between the tight waist belt and bra, where do these girls find room for air?

  2. Nice! How about the use of a pair of blackout contact lenses or whiteout contact lenses to introduce polina to some sensory deprivation bdsm / fetish play. Polina is very cute and looks to be very enthusiastic in chastity play. ~S

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