chastity belt 

Jenni C loves to touch herself. Her hand is often in her underwear, especially at bed time. Who can blame her?

A member of this website was not so forgiving. He suggested that Jenni should be taught a lesson by inflicting her with the Curse of the Magic Belt. Every time Jenni touches herself and gets really aroused, a magical chastity belt appears out of thin air, firmly locked with two padlocks, very tight and inescapable. The belt will only disappear if Jenni stops thinking about touching herself.

This curse is terrible of course! First of all, Jenni loves stimulating herself, but when the belt appears and she can not continue her sexual adventures, the hardest thing in the world is to stop thinking about it! It will take a long time (probably the best part of a day) before she can focus on other things long enough to get the belt to disappear. And the longer the belt stays on, the harder it gets for Jenni, not being able to get her relief and getting hornier by the hour…

A great fantasy scenario! This is chastity frustration at its best, on a babe who is quickly becoming the number one chastity model in the world! Members: please keep sending in your dreams for us to realise, it is our pleasure!


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  1. Jenni is so amazing… I don’t even know if I like the scenario or not – I don’t care. The one thing I know for sure is that I love Jenni. She makes every update a highlight. She is that one in a million girl that can make men forget about other girls. She is gorgeous… if there were Jenni locked up (without her or me having the key) and any other chastitybabe without a belt – it would still be her who could seduce me into spending the night with her rather than the unlocked contender…

  2. Ok .. that was a little weird.. I mean that spending a night stuff…what I meant to say was that I really love what you’re doing for this website, Jenni. You’re a talented model. Your abilities to use different facial expressions and the way you move your body are unique….and …I’d love to get to know you… – I know… there are probably a thousand men who’d love to do that…but just in case, I added my email with that post ;-)

  3. Very nice! I liked seeing her turning herself on, only to be denied. Being a very sexy girl certainly does not hurt, either! I hope she can be convinced to play out some more fantasies…maybe even one of mine. ;)

  4. This is indeed a lovely fantasy.If only it could really be? As a firm believer in preventing female masturbation,her chastity belt with a secondary shield would be worn at all times.
    If that were the case,Jenni C would not be able to excite herself at all,which is at it she should be.Reality is not so much fun as a fantasy.

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