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Of course! Couldn’t allow Rachel Adams to leave without trying on FULL chastity gear. When she comes back for a real Chastity Deal, I have decided she will wear all of this all the time. Because she is a tough girl and because she looks awesome with lots of metal locked onto her.
Rachel was very interested to learn about all the gear, taking her time to study the bra and its locking system, then adding thigh bands to her belt with chains and finally locking her legs together with a big padlock. Walking was no problem, even though everything was locked on tight. Of course, full chastity gear can be quite noisy, but I don’t think Rachel will have a problem walking around in this gear in public (with a dress over it). People will wonder what the noise is, but I think Rachel will definitely enjoy the excitement of being a Chastity Babe in public!
After adding wrists cuffs and ankle cuffs, we counted a total of at least 12 padlocks that would need to be unlocked to get her out of all this. She commented she would definitely not get out of this gear on her own. A lot of (different) keys were in my back pocket, securing one of the most famous bondage babes from the USA. It was very exciting indeed! I am looking forward to having this girl over again soon, her calm and kinky attitude will make sure it will be a great Chastity Deal with lots of extra bondage challenges! Rachel even had a number of requests for her Deal, like sleeping in a locked cage, a locking gag, sleeping spread eagled in full chastity, and really short chains between her wrist and ankle cuffs. You have to love this girl!
By the way, this is update 750!! I never would have thought I would do so many when I first started this project! A big thanks to everyone supporting this website! If you are not a member, please consider joining for a very low fee to download 750 updates (gigabytes of videos and pictures)!! Thank you!


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  1. Congrats on the 750 and Rachel is the perfect girl to celebrate that.

    She looks perfect in all that girl and even a little excited and proud….

  2. Mike the Director says:

    Congratulations on your 750.

    Rachel would no doubt look great with normal “vanilla” clothing on – this should be on the list when she returns – and out-doors of course!

    Please pass on my compliments for her poised, confident attitude despite her submission to “heavy metal”.

    Who knows – perhaps you could experiment with some sound-proofing under her dress or business suit??


  3. NICE!! Rachel Adams looks wonderful in the full chastity outfit. NICE!! Really love the look of Rachel in the full regalia and the only thing missing is the upper arm cuffs connected with chains behind her back to restrict her arm movements. A wonderful update. Thanks!!

  4. And she has boobs instead of balloons!!

  5. Fantastic! Absolutely stunning! Hope the chains of the bra don’t slip off the shoulders. Like to see deals and challenges with her. Great. And well done webmaster.

  6. great photo, I am a male but enjoy wearing the same outfit

  7. The future is female chastity!

  8. Rachel Adams is one of the sexiest women alive. so it’s not surprising she looks good in this outfit. It would be good to see her a little more harshly treated, however… :-)

  9. Congratulations on update #750! Here’s to 750 more!

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