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UkraineRemember the amazing Casting of Crystl? Almost two years ago, and I never forgot about her. So shy, so slender, so perfect in chastity. Shame she lives very far away from me. But we stayed in touch, and when she said she would come to Holland again I immediately invited her over! I remembered her telling me she is gay, but I didn’t expect her girlfriend to be this hot! Lynn is a stunning babe too, what is going on there in the Ukraine!
They are both not girls of many words. Their English isn’t very good, but that doesn’t matter! When I told them about a photo shoot in full chastity (even more than Crystl had in her Casting), they seemed curious and a little scared. I would have thought that Crystl would need to convince Lynn to join her, but it was in fact the other way around. It seems Lynn is more adventurous and she really enjoyed this ‘strange’ photo shoot.
Locking these two in a chastity belt and collar was a very nice experience. They are very sensual, and I guess very much in love (they haven’t been together very long). So they rely on each other for comfort and they will always look if the other one will do something too before doing it. Adding chastity bras was even more fun. For Crystl, I even had extra chains to connect her bra and belt. She is to tiny! Even tinier than the petite Lynn.
For the video, I made them add thigh bands to their belts. They got dressed to see if they could still go outside like this (but they were too shy to do so), and then I made them lock their thighs together with a big padlock. These girls are so sensual and cute (because they look shy but you KNOW they are very naughty). Of course, I had to let them play with each other a bit in the bedroom: you will see that in the next update! So hot :)


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  1. A good update. They look good in their chastity, but pity they was to shy to go outside.

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