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UkraineTime to add a few more Babes to my collection! I receive so many Casting applications, I don’t even have enough time to invite everyone. Which doesn’t really go well with my ultimate goal ‘all girls should be in chastity all the time’. Maybe I need some Casting agents around the world to shoot all these aspiring Chastity Babes in metal gear!
I made time for the incredibly stunning Crystl however. She is a world class gymnast, and the most flexible girl I have ever seen. Her body structure is amazing, she is very slender with a tiny waist, neck and wrists. Such a graceful beauty! Crystl is from the Ukraine and she was visiting Holland, curious about bondage and chastity. It was hard to find a belt that would fit this tiny girl, but I managed to lock her into a chain style belt rather securely. Look how big my smallest collar is on her neck though!
Crystl strips off her clothing and is told to add a pair of standard thigh bands. I think the standard chain between the legs is too long, but that’s how these bands are supplied, so I tried it with Crystl. She obediently locks herself in the thigh bands, and looks even more stunning! What a girl! She is a natural submissive, and you can bend her into any position (including a full leg split) without any problems! Well, at least those thigh bands will stop her from doing leg splits.
I am really looking forward to signing a Chastity Deal with this girl, she is amazing!


11 comment(s) to “Casting Crystl”

  1. When will update with plug?

    • Always someone requesting a plug. You know what would be really hot to see would be another couples deal like Misha and Paul but with a plug, or perhaps even a vibrator. Or would that be too…intrusive?

  2. Do you mean more casting agents like AnnaBelle Lee to film and keyhold? That shouldn’t be hard to do, (provided you can trust them to return the keys).

  3. Wow,
    she is perfect.

  4. What’s the hurry to get Crystl plugged in right away? Let her enjoy her chastity belt for a while then introduce the extra fun one piece at a time. Crystl has enchanting and beautiful eyes. She’s a keeper for sure.

  5. Is that her own wristwatch?

  6. Nice shine Steel bra to make it complete?

  7. Longer deal, agree!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  8. See u soon quickly again Crystl !

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