chastity belt 

We went outside of course, Stella locked in her new boob cuffs. She couldn’t take them off without the key, her boobs are too big to push them through the cuffs. Exactly as I had hoped. Her boobs locked together and to her collar, Stella put on some baggy clothes and we went for a nice walk!
Even through the baggy clothes, you could see something was hiding under her hoodie. Her boobs looked huge and her nipples were clearly visible. Of course, Stella couldn’t wear a bra now, but the boob cuffs gave her enough support because they were chained to her collar. She thought it was very funny, a new push up bra that can’t be taken off!
Stella is not shy (of course) and she opened her hoodie wherever she could to give me a good look at her cuffed boobs. She also pulled her pants down a bit so she walked around with the edge of her hip-style belt clearly visible. Even the locked wrist cuffs poked out from under her sleeves. Stella was all locked up and outdoors… and you guessed it: it made her very horny (again).
She already started begging me to take the belt of (‘just a few minutes’). It is just the way Stella is, she needs to orgasm multiple times a day, especially when she is turned on by fetish gear. She actually changes into a completely different person if she doesn’t climax for a day. I know from previous Deals with her it is not easy to resist her cute begging. She will do anything to convince me to take off the belt for a short break. But I know she only needs a few minutes to cum, so I can’t allow that. In fact, it would be much wiser to add some plugs to make her Chastity Deal even more interesting!

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    • I have just verified the file is correct on the server. Please try downloading it one more time. If you can’t get a stable enough connection, let me know and I will send it to you.

  2. I LOVE the new boob cuffs! Love to see more of the girls wear those longer periods of time and public

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