chastity belt 

Cute gamer girl Lucy Elena applied for a Casting, and I immediately invited her over! We haven’t had any gamer girls in chastity yet and I love her style! Lucy did a photo shoot in a tight chastity belt, and now she had to wait for a few hours to be unbelted. I always make the Castings a few hours long so the girls can really get used to their belts.
Lucy Elena is a tech girl, so spending a few hours in the studio was no problem at all, as long as she had her phone! Her phone is literally her life. I made sure she had a drink and left her in her belt, with a camera running. After a while I went to check on her and she was still pretty happy, although she said the tightness of the belt made it hard for her to relax.
Still, I thought that she had it far too easy. Her shyness was gone and it was time to make her stay a little bit more challenging. I locked a collar onto her neck (which looked amazing on her by the way, it totally fits her style!) and then I gave her a pair of handcuffs. By her reaction, I could tell she had never seen a real pair of cuffs before. She did not even know how to open them. I made her lock the handcuffs on her wrists, joking that I wasn’t sure I had a key for them (which startled her again), and then I even locked her wrists to her collar! I was afraid this would go too far for the inexperienced Lucy, but she actually said she liked the predicament!
I left her again, but I couldn’t wait to review the static camera footage, because I love to see how girls deal with limited mobility! Lucy Elena did so great on her Casting, I wanted to do more with her, but I had to let her go home. I will definitely get her back for a Chastity Deal if you like her too, but I’m not sure if she fully understands what that means. I will have some explaining to do, so she knows what will await her!

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  1. LatexLover648 says:

    She looks absolutely great, maybe next time if she does come back (I hope she does), maybe she could try a chastity bra as well. Also, just curious, what kind of watch is she wearing?

  2. She is so cute.. i hope she will come back for a chastity deal

  3. She is so wonderful, the collar belt and cuffs go so well with her style.
    I hope she comes back for a deal.

  4. Offer her a collar with discount, she will look amazing on her streamings using it!!!

  5. Should get her to stream playing a game in full chastity :P

  6. What a gorgeous little doll. Playful, fun, and willing to experiment. Please bring her back. Hopefully one of your more experienced models can be a mentor and help her build confidence. Well done.

  7. love how she is defeated after beimg cuffed to her collar.

    Cute socks, curious if the socks will come off if she returns!

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