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When a photographer friend told me about his upcoming shoot with Alena, I was suddenly very interested! This tiny young aspiring model from the Ukraine is super gorgeous! She seemed so cute, I really wanted to see her in a belt, but I knew she would never come to my studio for a Casting.
So I asked my friend if he could hide a belt in her bag while they were shooting, so she would find it when they were done. And film her reaction of course! The photographer did a great job putting her at ease during her shoot (in a cute skirt and bra) and when they were done taking pictures, Alena went and packed her bag. She did not even notice the belt at first, but then she took it out and looked very confused.
The photographer told her they would go outside after her shoot, and that she would have to wear the belt for a short time. Most girls would probably have laughed and said no, but Alena started to take off her skirt and panties right away. Maybe she is a submissive? Or she thought this is normal after a fashion shoot? Or a silly Dutch custom? Anyway, she locked herself into the belt and it looked great on her!
Alena put her skirt back on, but she seemed to realize the skirt/bra combination wasn’t very appropriate for going outside. Although the belt was hidden completely under the skirt, not many girls walk around in bras in public. So she decided to wear a dress instead.
What a fun girl! 21 years old and she did not even protest or comment when she saw the belt! I can’t wait to see the video of Alena going outside in this belt!

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  1. they seem to be made for each other. love at first sight.

  2. Lovesteel says:

    Great plan to hide that belt in her bag. When the steel bra was there also she might have put that on too. And then go outside in that safety gear.

    • And scare her off? I do understand that you like chastity bras…. I’m also into it. But if you want to introduce somebody to the concept of chastity, it is really important to start with a belt and nothing but the belt. The reason behind that is simple. For beginners, wearing a chastitybelt isn’t as much about “chastity” as it is about coping with an extremely uncomfortable bondage item. Once a girl is past that point (usually after a lot of reajusting and painful nights) You’ll find yourself in the middle of a very exciting power exchange play. It took us quite a while before she was like: “Please let me out I’m so horny” before that it was all like: “Please let me out, I can’t take the preasure on my hip bone any longer”. It’s still totally worth it. There is nothing more erotic than the situation when your belted girlfriend tries to seduce you into letting her out and it gets even better when you, as a keyholder have learned how to not give in, no matter how sulky she will get. But it is not before she switches her focus from her pussy to her nipples, when it makes sense to take that kind of stimulation away from her too. Yet still, a bra is not to be underestimated. It’s like a corsett – but even more restrictive. A well ajusted belt can be worn in almost every situation. As we have seen on this site: There are no excuses…

      • LoveSteel says:

        I think when someone finds an item without further instructions that person has a choice to try it or not. Alena choose to lock herself in the belt. That of course is really great and I love it she did that. If a bra had been present she could have decided to try that also or to leave it since no one told her to put it on. So I think that should not be scary. After all most people know what a bikini is. She would find a shiny one.

        If she was told to lock herself in all items, then I would agree with you Mac.

        • that’s not what i meant… i didn’t mean it looks scary etc. I wrote that the experience of weating a bra can scare you off the concept of chastity.

  3. Love her innocent but proud style. Before all girls everywhere will be belted all the time, a chastity belt should be considered a common accessory for women to wear when they wish.

    That should be our first goal. Adn she’s doing well towards it, totally secure pin-up model. Davai davai!

  4. Capt Obvious says:

    What a stunning, beautiful woman! She really knows how to please the camera!

    By the way, where are the photos you took during the video shoot?

  5. Aleksander says:

    Amazing GIRL – more nudes of her :)

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