chastity belt 

Dominique and her mother Francis take a little break to enjoy the last of the summer sun. They both love to tan, but Dominique got belted this summer so tanning is a little different now. She will not have a bikini line tan this summer, but a white shape on her skin where the chastity belt is. This means Dominique’s chastity belt will be visible even when she would take it off!! Another reason for her to stay locked!

Many of you have expressed concerns about Francis. Some of you even think a mother should not do this to her daughter. Maybe you are right, but Francis is doing this out of love for her daughter, and the whole deal is completely consensual. Dominique was not completely sure, but now she is really enjoying life in her belt, and she says she would even miss it if she were to take it off now. She already misses the ‘belt feeling’ during her bathroom and shower breaks, which are supervised by Francis of course.

Francis and Dominique are on a blanket enjoying the sun. Dominique is reading and eating some cookies, Francis is smoking and even putting sun lotion on her daughter (she really is a caring mother). Czech members will be able to listen to Dominique and Francis chatting, maybe someone would like to translate some of it and post it below!


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  1. This storyline is developing very well. How about letting us see the darker side of this contract? Maybe Francis catches Dominique trying to masturbate or escape the belt. Is some kind of punishment enforced? I’d like to see what happens. Anyone else interested?

    • I like the idea of a mother putting her daughter in a chastity belt to prevent her from masturbating.
      However,like Justin says,the story would be better if Dominique does not like what her mother has done to her,and tries to play with herself.
      This might lead to her mother putting a more secure belt on her.

  2. I think you’re doing this the right way. Even though I felt it was a little awkward, when I firtst read about a mother-belting- her-daughter-situation, I now think it’s ok, since you’re really not showing a “mother-and-daughter-bdsm-session” (And I think that’s what people would have thought to be wrong).

    Generally speaking, I like your Idea,too – but, as I’ve just indicated, this would be a scenerio which is more suitable for a husband and wife situation. Still, I know what you mean. I’d also love to see a video here on chastitybabes, in which chastity is somthing that is really enforced.
    For a start, I did like that Natalia Forrest vid, but she could have fought the belt more aggressively. I’d also love to see a fantasy-video where a girl is actually put in a belt (Maybe with her hands tied to the ceiling, trying to fight being belted).

    As for the Francis-Dominique scenario, I’d love to see a a vid about Dominique going on a date. Maybe there could be a situation where F and D are in the Bathroom before the date and D checks the belt once more, maybe even pulling it tighter or applying thigh-bands in order to make sure that nothing can happen. The next scene would show D wining and dining with her date and a third scene would show D comming back with F awaiting her at the door.

  3. I agree 100% with warren and justin, that would be an awesome update. Maybe tell her mom to go shopping and you will watch her, and then tell her she can take it off for a shoot and see what her mom does.

  4. georgehs53 says:

    I think for Christmas we should take up my suggestion I made back on March 5,
    — there should be Miss ChastityBabe show at end of the year. It should be a bit like Miss World competition but with Babes all naked except for belts of course. Members vote on line live in a special show for the best babe and they can be crowned in the ceremony. When they are interviewed in the show they can explain how they ended up being belted instead of saying they want to solve world peace. It would be a glittering occasion.

    As a special prize, the member that votes the most gets to keep the keys to Dominques belt for the remainder year of her

    or why not make a 2012 calendar with each babe as the babe of the month – wearing only their belts and may be a few Christmas decorations

    lets call it their Christmas present to the members and ours to them is to keep them securely locked up in 2012

  5. Why not have a chastity babe calendar? I like Georgehs53’s suggestion.

    • georgehs53 says:

      The front page of the calendar would be a picture of all 12 babes of the month together wearing their belts wishing everyone a Happy Belted Christmas and a looking forward to another securely belted New Year

      I’d vote Jenni for December as she’s so lovely and she wears her belt so well

  6. Why not a scene where she meet a boyfriend – tell him tha status of things and let him examine the belt…

    • I like Alex’s idea.Her boyfriend has a date with Dominique expecting to make love with her,only to discover that her mother has put a chastity belt on her.
      He is very unhappy and so is she,but Francis is very pleased that her daughter remains chaste.

    • That’s the simplified version of what I wrote… so yeah, I’d like it ;-)

  7. john tofte says:

    Wow – Her we can really see Francis.
    It is obvious, where Dominique has her good looks from.
    It is truth she is 46? She looks younger !

    I don´t think Dominique has ever had any boyfriend.
    Francis has always protectet her.
    Remember she used to padlock her daughter´s jeans every
    time she went to a party.

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