chastity belt 

Time to add a bit more gear to Cobie’s Chastity Deal! About half way into her Deal, I decided she should spend the rest of her Deal in thigh bands. Not an easy decision as thigh bands affect a lot of daily things. Clothing for example. Cobie would be restricted to dresses and skirts. No more comfy leggings!
She wasn’t too sure about it at first, because there were 2 more weeks left and that’s a long time in annoyingly noisy thigh bands. But Cobie loves a challenge and she loves chastity gear, so she agreed to this addition. You can actually see she is a real chastity lover, because she locks on the thigh bands by herself, without any instructions. Only a few girls know how to do this! As most of you know, Cobie actually owns her own belt and thigh bands (FancySteel), and she loves wearing it at home!
Locked in thigh bands with a huge padlock connecting her upper legs, Cobie tested her stride and mobility, but there did not seem to be any issues. She could stand, walk, sit, sleep, and bend over without problems. Okay, she might not be able to run very fast, but that’s fine. I don’t want her to run off anyway! It was time to go back to the Chastity Mansion again (where Cobie was staying all this time) and get on with life. Which in a Chastity Deal seems to be a lot of drinking, eating, taking selfies, and spreading out the contents of a suitcase all over the floor. But we did more! Stay tuned for some exciting adventures in thigh bands!


4 comment(s) to “Cobie – thigh bands”

  1. Piercedguy says:

    That belt look reeeeeally tight on Cobie, pressing hard against her poor pussy… I almost feel sorry for her. Almost :)

  2. DonnaFan says:

    Cobie: How do you feel with thigh bands? Do they just restrict your movement & dressing, or do you ever feel frustrated, or even cramp down there, because you need to spread your legs and want to open up?

  3. Mike the Director says:

    And now, Cobie needs to be let out into the open air, wearing apparently-vanilla clothing as she walks among people, wearing her personal prison. A good set of stories.

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