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Some members have asked for a better view of Dominique’s belt, since it wasn’t really fully visible in the past two updates. The belt we gave to her mother (Francis) is a Double padlocked chain style chastity belt, additionally adjusted by two padlocks on the rear chains to make it a tight crotch fit. It is fitted so the outer labia are ‘caught’ in the caged slit between the primary and secondary front shield. If done exactly right (as was done for Dominique), this makes masturbation impossible, but the labia are free (not squashed like in some other belt designs) which allows for a comfortable wear during the day and easy sitting down and other activities. Members should study this week’s last picture in the zipfile to see this effect.

Dominique is cleaning her bed, folding her clothes and changing from her night wear into a bra and cute knee socks. It is incredible how cheerful she is, Dominique is not even slightly bothered by her belt. It is always a pleasure to meet her, she is so friendly, and never complains. She seems to accept her chastity belt (and anything else her mother tell her to do) as a fact of life. Dominique is very helpful, and also very open about being filmed and photographed. She has lots of modelling experience and she is not shy, so that helps, but even so, this is really private…


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  1. Your Website has great Ideas and I’d really love to find out more. Even so, I still don’t know if I should subscribe. 5:14 is damn short. There are Websites which feauter 50:00 -70:00 minutes for even less money. Anyway – I like your page for its new approach – more than other BDSM Sites I have subscribed to in the past – but can’t you give me at least 10:00 minutes per week ?? Please!

    • Webmaster says:

      LOL, so it is about quantity? Showing Dominique cleaning her room for 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes would be more of the same, trust us. We try to host a large set of high quality pictures and a good HD video each week. If there are other people who think this is not enough (keeping in mind you get everything on the website when subscribing, making the site cheaper every week), then we will have a huge problem. Hosting larger video files means more costs, and if people don’t subscribe until we host larger files we can not keep this small niche site running. So we basically need support based on quality first, then work on quantity.
      A huge thanks of course, to the people already supporting this website, emailing and commenting about the site’s direction and making suggestions. We really appreciate it!

      • Ok then… I am going to subscribe for one month and make a judgement afterwards…but don’t be mad if my judgement is going to be the same afterwards…in my opinion, asking for a ten minute video is not asking for much…also I didn’t talk about other people.. this is just my oppinion… still, I have to say:
        thank you for not deleting this coment but answering instead…respect! I will give your website a try!

  2. What a sweetheart Dominique is. I hope you find a few more women like her for video shoots. Was there much of an adjustment period for Dominique wearing the belt? She takes everything in stride.

  3. What’s the reason to wear the belt overnight, staying at home?
    As I remember, the initial intent was to put it on every time she goes outside and therefore loses mom’s control.

    • Dear Annette,
      She is a student so she will not live at home all the time. Therefor she should get used to wear it 24/7 before she really has to. And it is also quite a bit of trouble to put on the belt all the time before a girl leaves.
      And believe me… after a certain the in a belt 24/7 you get really used to it and you miss the belt when it is off.

      • Mother should see to it that her daughter wears the belt wirh a secondary shield 24/7.This way masturbation will be prevented and she will remain a virgin.And yes she will become used to it and regard it as a necessary piece of underwear.
        Mother should also have a belt and wear it whenever she leaves the house.

        • There is no belt that cannot be cheated by a woman as far as musturbation is concerned. Every woman will tell you that she is able to overcome the belt and stimulate herself by twisitng her body somehow or laying on her back and spreading the legs if she has enough time to try and if she is unattended. This is true for all kinds of belts.

          Thus, the only thing the mother can be sure is that the boys are kept in distance.

          • If the belt is properly fitted,some women will not be able to masturbate,It depends on how they built down there.The location and size of the clitoris is the controling factor.
            Of course the primary reason for a chastity belt is to prevent intercourse

          • I can testify to that. While some women might be able to masturbate while locked in a belt, I have never been able to, despite many attempts over time.

            However, the belt needs to be really tight to be that secure.

        • And become mutual keyholders?
          Well, it would be fair.

        • john tofte says:

          Francis is a grown up woman and have the full control over her sex-life. She has enjoyed sex a lot of times in her life, she has given birth to Dominique. An attractive and experienced woman like her demand regular sex.
          Otherwise with her daughter, she is only a girl and a virgin and has most likely never experienced a real orgasm while tuching herself at night. Keeping her locked up in a belt is a good deed. As long as she has never had sex, she won´t need it.
          After all, Francis is the adult one, so she alone decides.

    • When you read the contract that Dominique signed you can see that it states clearly:
      The user is prohibited to masturbate without the key holder’s permission. So this alone is reason enough to keep her locked 24/7.
      @Annette: Be honest… never happened that you touched yourself “by accident”?

      • I agree, but this is more than “no sex before marriage” agreement. Although th chastitybabes don’t offer belts without secondary shield, it was not part of th story that Francis wanted to prevent masturbation as well.

        • georgehs53 says:

          well that’s life isn’t it!……I guess she must have seen the opportunity to have total control and once the lock is shut …well…

    • I wonder how she will hide the belt when out in public. At least the padlocks at the back will be visible. Maybe it is better to adjust the rear chains once for a tight fit and than attach the chaines permenently to the belt.

      Is she prepared to respond to questions if someone incidently notices that she wears a belt?

      • Plus, uncovered chains are noisy.
        I doubt this belt could be hidden in public easily.

        If they use a belt as everyday underwear, maybe it’s good idea to make individual properly fitted belt, that is not adjustable, but requires one lock instead four.

        • georgehs53 says:

          I agree – a thong style belt would also fit much better and be hidden under clothing. The rear cable can be adjusted to make sure the shield keeps her labia tightly held under lock and key

          • A back-bar-style with anus hole is a lot better than a thong-style with cable and can be hidden also ver ywell. for everyday life of course a hip-belt is easier to hide but also gives pressure on the hips. This noise of the chains can be avoided by wearing an elastic underwear (panty girdle) over the belt.

  4. john tofte says:

    Dominique seems to sleep well.
    The belt has already improved her quality of life.
    Now she don´t waist any time anymore fiddling a moisten place between her legs with her fingers at night.
    I bet Francis will see a much more alert Dominique from now on, now her daughter sleeps all night.

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