chastity belt 

During the most recent Amsterdam fashion week, I was trying to get one of the international catwalk models to visit my studio and pose in a chastity belt. It was a lot more difficult than I expected. But then I found Viktoriya (not her real name) from the Ukraine! I think she is a bit kinky, so she was very intrigued to come over and have a go at fetish modelling.
You may have already seen her on with a great update we shot on that same day. It was a real treat to have this tall slender girl in the studio, I wanted to try so many things! But I didn’t want to scare her either, so I started with this fun Casting-type shoot with a FancySteel belt, collar, and wrist cuffs.
Towering high heels, endless legs and square shoulders, Viktoriya sure is a typical catwalk fashion model. But she is a lot of fun and very easy going. She commented that this was the strangest shoot she ever did, but I replied it’s just metal fashion, and she is often required to wear whatever designers come up with. So it wasn’t that bad. We took some nice pictures, very easy with her posing skills, and then I gave her a little Challenge. I locked her wrists to the sides of the belt and gave her the key to the belt. Unfortunately, with her long slender arms it was too easy for her to escape. Oh well, I did not want to scare her too much anyway. Let’s hope she will tell all her fashion model friends so next year I will have an army of them, then I can finally do my own catwalk fashion show! And you know what the models will be showing :)


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