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Dominique is back! If you are quite new to this website, you probably don’t know Dominique, but long-term fans will remember her fondly. She was one of the first Chastity Babes who (together with her mother) starred in one our very first Chastity Deals. If you are interested in this story, please watch all of those updates in chronological order, and you will enjoy one of the greatest series on this site!
Dominique has grown into a very sexy woman, and she has done quite a bit of modelling since, but whenever she is in Holland, she always calls me for a quick Challenge or a small Deal. This time she only stayed for an afternoon, but I had something special in store for her. This is a unique chastity belt made out of leather! You probably have seen leather belts before, and they are not very good or secure. This one was custom made in Japan for (it even has ‘ChastityBabes’ embossed on the front, although that’s hard to see). It was modelled after the popular fully adjustable metal belts, and it even has the same type of secondary shield. In fact, it came with 2 shields: a perforated one and a slotted one!
Dominique was very impressed, because she knows (like no one else) that a metal belt can be very hard to wear. It’s uncomfortable and cold. A leather belt could be a solution, but we have to test this first. The leather is thick and stiff, because the usual thin leather chastity belts can be easily pulled or moved aside. It uses four padlocks: 2 to adjust the waist, 1 for the secondary shield, and 1 to adjust the strap in the back. This means there is no bulky lock on the front of the belt, so it can be worn under clothing more easily.
Dominique (of course) does a splendid job in modelling this piece of custom made chastity gear. But is it ideal for Chastity Deals? Remember, it is a first, so it may need some alterations. I think it looks incredible, and the girls would be very happy to wear this, but I will have to test it more for security and things like skin problems or hygiene. What do you think?


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  1. Ingemar Johnsson says:

    I will according to lack of economy at the moment not be able to see the clip but a question still, wouldn´t the leather start to suck urine if the girl has to go?

  2. Pippa Miles says:

    that belt, while it looks good is still, as ALL leather chastity belts are, ineffective as it is still too flexible and it will still be able to be moved aside, as was evident when Dominique was shifting it to get it sitting properly

    • Still, for a short one day deal, it’s very pretty, and would work well. Maybe use it for castings with slightly nervous girls?

  3. When will we ever see her mum locked up

  4. LoveSteel says:

    I don’t want to be negative but I like steel much, much better. If the steel fits well it does not hurt and does its job as intended. It may be cold only the first minute. But then is has warmed up and you won’t notice it any more. If that cold shock is too much a problem you can always warm it a bit with a hair dryer before putting it on. Fortunately most babes (and lads?) wear steel and that is great.

    • Your name kind of gave that away ;) Don’t worry, it will be all metal here on, but when a Japanese manufacturer sends me this I at least have to try it once, don’t you think?

      • LoveSteel says:

        Absolutely, it is an honor and also a recognition that a Japanese manufacturer specially creates such a belt with your website name and send it to you. So this website is famous international and that of course is good. So yes you should show it and you did.

      • LoveSteel says:

        Great to see you continue with the steel gear. Polish the gear nice and shiny (or let the babes do that) and lock as many as you can onto people. Everyone should be safe 24/7 :)

  5. its nice to see new prototypes, i like it. i have some doubts about how secure they are but still good idea

  6. 蜂工房のレザー・ボンデージ館 says:

    I am happy to see you using my chastity belt made of leather. As the site owner said, this is experimental, the future will become more interesting and more convenient. Thanks again for your use.

  7. What is the japanese website for this?

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