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The second video report I received from Yasmine, who was sent home in an Access Denied chastity belt without the key! She did not tell me when she left my studio, but she actually had a friend coming over for dinner that evening! And this friend really couldn’t find out about her belt, or she would feel very embarrassed.
So Yasmine made a plan to get ready for dinner, and the first thing on her list was to take a shower. She wanted to find out if she could still get reasonably clean in this Access Denied belt. I think it is perfectly possible to shower in a belt, I have hosted many Chastity Deals at the Amsterdam apartment (with Donna for example) and I have never seen any problems. The belts are all fine in water, even for swimming, and usually the locks don’t have any long term damage from showering. In the past, some of the small Chinese padlocks used to rust, but that has been solved with the introduction of the high security lock blocks. The small padlocks on the secondary shields of cheaper belts can easily be replaced with quality ones. The Access Denied belt is new, and I don’t know what quality cylinder lock is used on them. I think it should be fine for showering.
For a 24-hour Deal, showering in the belt is fine. For longer Deals, supervised shower breaks are needed to shave and clean (and use that time to clean the belt as well). Yasmine even tried shaving in the belt, which meant she could only shave her bikini line, but I appreciate she wants to look good and clean, even for such a short Deal. To see a girl like Yasmine doing a home video report in a locked belt is very exciting, if you realize the key is at least an hour away from her. It seems she was doing extremely well, no need to worry about her. She got ready for her dinner and I don’t think her friend noticed anything. So far so good!

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  1. Was the friend male or female? If it were me, I’d have liked to know. Also, what happened to Rosie’s deal?

    • I think female, I will check! Good question!
      Rosie will definitely do a Deal! I just need to find a time to get her over for a longer period, I was thinking 5 days.

  2. What a great deal is this, traveling and going home in a chastity belt without having the key handy and no way to escape. And then also exiting moments to keep the belt a secret for a friend. This will even be more challenging when the bra is added. Something for the next deal. Love it!

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