chastity belt 

The next day, at breakfast, Dominique seems to be doing fairly okay in the belt. She has not gone to the toilet yet, but her mom has already agreed that the belt can come off for toilet visits in the first few weeks (or even months). Francis can be strict, but she is not unreasonable. Actually, she is only really concerned when Dominique goes out at night (or when any guys are around her daughter), but the contract is for 24/7 belting and as long as there are no medical or mental problems, they have both agreed on full time chastity.

Dominique even seems cheerful. The weather is nice, so they have breakfast outside in the garden. In this update, you can see what the mother-daughter relationship is like for these two. Francis is strict and loving, Dominique is relaxed and caring, even getting her mother some wine (yes, Francis drinks wine for breakfast, and she smokes as well, not a very good example there). What daughter would still like her mother after what Francis did to Dominique! It does not appear to have affected their bond, and they talk happily about other things than chastity.

Francis is a little obsessive in checking the locks on the belt, and the chains in the back. She checks the double padlocks on the front a number of times, as if she does not trust our belt completely yet. After she is satisfied that the belt is tight and not coming off, she relaxes and has a smoke.


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  1. Do they have a pool or hot tub? Could make for a really good update…

  2. mestregian says:

    I hope the whole week with new images waiting to see girls trying to escape a tight chastity belt and find two women talking over coffee in the morning happy. I was willing to cancel my subscription. A little more imagination and eroticism would be great.

  3. steelcuffer says:

    looking good, how about trying some horse riding with the belt!

  4. Nice Scene… but in general.. your clips could be longer….


    I like this scene very much, but we are not shown enough of the
    chastity belt and chains at the back of Dominique.

  6. john tofte says:

    It looks like the first night has gone well.
    The belt is real professional made. The secondary shield is a brilliant invention, making it possible to wear the belt almost permanently. Easy to clean without having to open it every time, and still the labias and the clitoris are 100% safe in their little cage, out of reach of even the girl´s little fingers.

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