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It’s cold in Finland! But Dirty Mary wants to be naked most of the time (well, her Master wants that too). Mary needs to get the fire going to make the house warm enough to be nude, so she can show us her awesome Barbie body and her tight Access Denied belt.
The fire wood is outside, so Mary will need some footwear and some clothes. But Dirty Mary wouldn’t be Dirty Mary if her choice of clothing wasn’t super kinky! To get the fire wood, Mary puts on her white thigh high boots and a latex see-through trench coat! She is such a perfect housewife!
Mary is awesome: her perfect doll body and hair, 100% submissive attitude, kinky clothing style, a passion for bondage, has her own custom chastity belt, and loves to do household tasks! Most guys would dream of a perfect housewife like Mary. Her Master is a lucky guy!
I am pretty sure he filmed this video, judging by the zoom action every time Mary bends over to get something :) I’m very happy to feature this couple on my website, and I hope they will visit Holland soon, because I have a few challenges for Mary myself! And some of you already sent in other tasks and fun challenges for her! If you haven’t done so yet (and you are a member), please make sure I receive your challenges for Mary before she visits Holland (hopefully early next year)!

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  1. So in love with this lady. A woman that pleases her man and wear the belt is a site to see. Mary, do you have breast implants? I love your exposed breasts, too.

    • Well, I guess she has been to the “plastic doctor” !

    • Wow , she is one serious kinky woman, just google her

    • Hi, thanks for your nice words <3
      Yes i have breast implants. Next year i`m gonna take bigger implants :).

      • I love your fake boobs. Be careful when going bigger. Don’t go too big and hurt your back.

        I know your master must love every part of your hot body. What do you love more?
        A) The belt being locked on your fun zone.
        B) The belt being removed so your master can enter your fun zone.

        • DirtyMary says:

          I take care of my back, i work out every day :) I don`t have any problems with my implants. And yeah, my Master loves my body. Still i want to create it better and better.

          Both are nice, being locked in belt and the moment when belt is removed :)

      • Ever thought of crowdfunding, believe you will get a LOT of support , LET’s FUND MARY!!

  2. chastityman(claude) says:

    No photos set ?

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Every girl needs a belt AND a bra. No exception for big boobs. When the lock must hard be to reach on the even the better.

    • DirtyMary says:

      When i had smaller boobs i have actually tried steel bra. Now it is difficult to find fitting pair. I think there is not even so much manufacturers who made those.

      • LoveSteel says:

        Don’t underestimate our webmaster. He made it happen before with a specially made bra for bigger size. I think he can do it again. Well protected boobs with an inescapable bra. This is so much fun. :)

  4. Who’s idea was it to get breast implants?
    Who’s idea was it to be locked in the belt? You, or the master?

    • DirtyMary says:

      Hi, breast implants were my own idea :) i had think about implants 10 years till i finally took them. Of course my man supported me so i could made the final decision. And now i don`t have any regrets about it :)

      I was introduced to chastity belts when i worked with someone who had huge collection of chastity belts. I have always loved steel bondage so wanted to try chastity belts as well.
      In my current relationship, idea was actually my own. But i have been also in relationships where it have been my Master`s idea.

  5. all settled in for a night to keep herself warm and belted

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