chastity belt 

Even Dirty Mary has to clean sometimes! She is a submissive woman, in a chastity belt, so doing tasks for her Master may get her a little time out of the belt. Then again, maybe not. She just has to be a good girl, and Mary certainly does the best she can.
Perfect housewives wear chastity belts, of course. It keeps them focused on their tasks and it keeps their motivation up, because they will always be thinking about their reward (an orgasm, or at least some time out of the belt). Mary tries her best to keep her house spotless, doing the dishes, wiping every surface, and dusting all the rooms. She is completely used to her tight Access Denied belt, so she can bend over and move around without any problems during cleaning.
Of course, her Master (and now also our members) can enjoy great views of Mary while she is cleaning, especially when she is bending over in her super high heels, because this belt is custom made for her and the anal opening lines up so perfectly! Mary even gets her shirt wet, which makes this video even more exciting. I’m very happy that Mary wants to be a part of the team, and I hope she will send us many more updates from her belted life!

8 comment(s) to “Dirty Mary – household chores”

  1. Will you be doing challenges Mary? If so, we will come up with a few interesting ones.

    • DirtyMary says:

      Yes sure i`ll do ! :)
      It is always interesting to try new things.

      • How about this one, the use of a we vibe, has not yet been shown on this site, you insert the we vibe under your belt, set on spontaneous, and wear this for 24 hours, after 24 hours you tell what is was like, it is interesting to read how you experience the sensation of not beeing able to do anything about the vibration between your legs, the only thing you can do is to endure.
        Are you up for this challenge?, if so i will contact cb hq to see if we can make this happen.
        Greetings from holland

  2. a long -term deal in the making…

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