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A few months ago, we were contacted by 46-year old Francis. She found our website looking for chastity information. She wrote us that she and her daughter Dominique had an agreement about no sex before marriage, and that she used to padlock Dominique’s jeans before her daughter went out in the evenings. Francis was very interested in our chastity belts.

And when Francis emailed a picture of Dominique, we were suddenly very interested in their situation! This 22-year old girl is gorgeous! We offered Francis a FREE chastity belt if she would use it on her daughter, and we could document it (pictures and video) from time to time. This strict mom took it a step further, she said she would lock it on Dominique for 1 whole year!

It is too complicated to explain all the rules and agreements here, but the end result is that we went to their Czech house and witnessed the signing of the 1 year chastity contract. A very reluctant Dominique signs the contract after a lengthy and convincing explanation from her mother. The discussion is all in Czech, maybe a Czech member can transscribe the video text in English for other members? The contract was provided by us (with a few changes by Francis) and the signed copy is also included in the picture zip, so you can read all conditions of this agreement.

We are very excited to have a real mother-daughter chastity belt situation on our website, and we hope you are too. Let’s hope Dominique will not give up too soon, but we are sure Francis will take very good care of her, she is a strict but loving mom! They will probably be reading your comments with great anticipation, so feel free to ask them any questions.

Czech dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. Excellent update. This has a ton of potential. I’m sure you already have plenty of ideas, but these might make for good updates:

    1. Francis unlocks Dominique and handles the cleaning/shaving of her belted area. That way, Dominique can’t use the opportunity to masturbate.

    2. Dominique is feeling horny and tries to convince Francis to let her out for a night. Francis refuses and Dominique goes to bed frustrated.

    3. Francis has to inflict some sort of punishment when she catches Dominique trying to masturbate or escape the belt. (Maybe she’s left unbelted for a night, but her hands are cuffed to the bedpost.)

    Anyone else have any ideas? There are a ton of things that could be done with this storyline.

    • I very much second these ideas. As said before, IMO chastity belt is exciting if it´s about restriction (be it consenting, but anyway a form of restriction), not a plaything for models. Sorry, not very politically correct but I´m going for what turns me on here, not for the official view.

      • I truly wish i was born a female i would have everyone use me as a test subject on anything they wanted to do especially chastity and lots of bondage

  2. Un très bonne idée par contre pour étoffer votre site ne serait’-il pas possible d’avoir une section histoire avec des image de temps en temps?

  3. Good update, I am thinking in sing in again. This is the path.

  4. Chastityman says:

    For me, the best update of this site :)

  5. I don’t know… is this a fantasy update or is this supposed to be an real situation? To me a chastity belt is a powerfull sex-toy. Yet it should remain a toy. A serious one as you can play really serious games with it like 24/7 wearing. However, if it weren’t a game in any form, forcing somebody to wear a chastitybelt would be a fellony in the sense of unlawful detention. As for that it should always remain a game…. playing such games with your mother… to me this is wrong… somehow.

    Sorry, no disrespect to you site… you’re doing an awesome job, but I do feel a little shaky about that particular update.

  6. georgehs53 says:

    perhaps Francis really has some secret interest about being belted herself and so she should also to be belted for the same period as Dominique.
    I think Dominique should write a blog of her belted experiences

  7. Francis, I hope you are very patient with your daughter Dominique. Before Dominique even slipped into the belt, did she even know such a device existed? And lastly, is Dominique getting comfortable in chastity?

  8. CUIRAMOUR85 says:

    Its a film, a fiction, but its the best film i’ve ever watch. Thank you very much.

  9. I love this update and. Much better to read about people having to wear a chastity belt all the time than some model putting it on just for taking a few pictures.

    Hope we do get some updates from her about how things work out.

  10. For a fictional storry this is great. If this was real (can’t tell, not a member, haven’t seen it), I’d be concerned… you can’t use sex toy to controll someone for real. I mean… if both are into it, then it’s ok even if they did this 24/7 (which is not possible for a beginner… if you do want to wear a chastity belt 24/7, you have to start with a few hours each day and even take it off for whole days so that your skin and tissue can get used to it then after a few weeks you can increase the time), but I’m not sure if a mother should be the keyholder of her own daughter….anyway… for a fictional storry this works well:

    This truely is the path. A chastity belt is not a fashion device and it is also not neccesarily a toy for humilation and punishment.
    To me, a chastitybelt is part of a game, where you put someone into it and take away the key so they can not open it an thus not have sex untill you allow them to have sex.
    The storry is as simple as that, but hardly anybody made a serious atempt to tell this storry in a video untill this site came.
    Now this is the second update like this… and like I promised… one more and I am going to join

    • >but I’m not sure if a mother should be the keyholder of her own daughter

      What’s wrong with it?

      • I meant if this wear totally real… I mean …It’s not that it doesn’t make me horny…believe me, it does…and what makes one horny has nothing to do with their concept of morality.
        On the other hand, my concept of morality has nothing to do with what makes me horny… and that is why I had to say this. Chastitybelts are a very nice toy and there’s nothing amoral about it when two concenting adults use it for their erotic play (even if they do it very seriously). But! Can a chastitybelt be a replacement for real trust? Can it be part of a natural mother and daughter relationship?
        This is an erotic game. Should a daughter play an erotic game with her own mother? …These are just questions I had in mind …it’s not that I wanted to say that this isn’t a briliant update

        • It doesn’t have to be an erotic game. If it is just for the evenings when she is out, it can also be regarded as a protection, especially if the place she lives is rather criminal.

  11. Forestier says:

    Isn’t there no father/husband ? So, is Francis is single, she should wear a CB as well. (Even if she is married, in fact). What a marvelous mother/daughter project ! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…

  12. Another Lonely Dude says:

    I was just wondering if masturbation was allowed under the contract?

    • The full contract as signed by Dominique is included in the zip file, just read it and you will be amazed what she signed!

      • And as soon as I have some time (I did not watch the movie yet) I will translate their czech conversation. I don’t speak czech but slovak and this is very close, so it should be possible.

  13. georgehs53 says:

    was this the first time that Dominique was belted?

  14. john tofte says:

    Dominique is a very lucky girl having such a determined mother. She is only 22 years old and much to immature to deal with such a important thing as having sex. Undoubtedly her natural lusts may have driven her into masturbation under the blanket at nights, but this bad habit is now happily at an end. Wish many more girls had such a mother !
    All respect for Francis !

  15. Can we ever get these videos translated or should I start learning Czech?

  16. So here is the translation of their dialogue. I found this site just few hours ago. I put some lines about what’s happening, and Dominique’s muttering, so it is easier for you to follow the plot. But please understand, that not everything can be translated, since English misses some equivalent phrases and grammar aspects.

    Francis> So here we have the contract you will sign.
    Dominique> What kind of contract, what is it?
    Francis> Well it’s about you wearing the chastity belt for a whole year.
    Dominique> Aha
    Francis> So here you can read it all, everything is written there, if you don’t understand something, you may ask me.
    Dominique> I don’t understand this.
    Dominique is pointing on the sheet.
    Francis> You don’t? Neither do I, it’s English (laugh). So that’s that you have to wear it for the whole year. Well, nothing can be done about that, little girl, I have to protect you.
    Dominique> But how shall I wash myself?
    Francis> That’s your problem, isn’t it? No, don’t worry. It must be done somehow. I know you don’t like it, but you’ll wear it for a year.
    Dominique> But I don’t want it.
    Francis> But I won’t ask you. That’s the way it is. Done.
    Dominique> And what’s this?
    Dominique is pointing at the sheet again.
    Francis> That after the year you’ll take it off and you’ll be all right.
    Dominique> Aha
    Francis> But until that time… Here I wrote it down, you’ll sign it, it’s a valid contract, right?
    Dominique> I don’t know.
    Francis> But I do know (loudly), that’s the way it is.
    Dominique is standing up.
    Francis> Is there anything else you don’t understand?
    Dominique> No
    Francis> Here you see it all precisely, right? Here it is everything written down. That after both-sided consensus you are forbidden to take it off for a year – but you wouldn’t be able either way, since I’ll have the keys. You can have a shower with it, they say… OK? Here you will sign it like a good girl, right? Done, it’s decided.
    Dominique> What kind of medieval practice is this?
    Francis> Medieval practices? What do you mean? I don’t want anything happened to you, I just want you to be all right, to protect you. I’ll let you out of the house and who knows what happens. I’m not interested in this, you’re far too young for things like this, you know?
    Dominique> Hm
    Francis> So you see, I’ll sign it here, it will be valid, right?
    Dominique> Hm
    Francis is signing
    Francis> So. You sign it here. Take the pen. Don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate.
    Dominique is signing
    Francis> Nice and readable. So everything’s clear, right?
    Dominique> And where else shall I sign it?
    Francis> Sign it even here. Well?
    Dominique is signing
    Francis> You know, little girl, times are bad
    Dominique> Hm
    Francis> So I will sing it here as well
    Francis is signing
    Francis> So. So from today it’s valid, OK?
    Dominique> Hm
    Francis> So now I’ll show it to you.
    They lift the sheet
    Francis> So you see? Here it is everything. Contract, signature yours and mine, clear?
    Dominique> Yeah. And I shall take it on now? (pointing on the belt)
    Francis> Right, now I’ll show you how will it work, right? So get ready for it.
    Dominique takes off her boots and moves back to Francis, undoing her jeans
    Francis> And with today it all starts for you
    Dominique> Hm
    Francis> OK?
    Dominique> And how is it put on?
    Francis> Well you must take off the trousers, panties as well
    Putting on the waist belt. Dominique is trying the crotch piece
    Dominique> Like that?
    Francis> Yeah
    Dominique takes panties off
    Francis> Right, you must take the panties off
    Dominique> Jesus that’s terrible
    Francis> Well, that’s how it is
    Francis is adjusting the crotch piece
    Francis> Here, hold it… (fastnening it)
    Dominique> And I shall wear it for a year?
    Francis> Yeah, here it is signed. We were talking about it in advance, now it is just black on white, so that you can’t back off from it. Because I know you. What’s written, is done. Here snap it yourself.
    Dominique snaps the lock
    Francis> Nice, now the second one
    Dominique snaps the lock
    Francis> Show me.Well, it’s sturdy. Keys are with me, here, OK? Now turn around, I’ll check… Turn completely, more, nice (checking the rear locks). Here, if everything is all right… Good, good. You’ll have to cope up with it now
    Dominique> Hm
    Francis is saying something so silently I’m unable to catch it, but something about good girl I think
    Dominique is pulling the panties up
    Dominique> So this is how I shall wear it, right?
    Francis> Exactly, yes, yes. It’s here, like that, I’ll put this away… Well, you have to cope up with it
    Francis stands up
    Francis> Come on, my girl
    They hug themselves :-)

      • By the way, could you please do me a favour? I’d love to meet these two women. I understand you can’t give me their contact information, but would you please be so kind and tell Francis, that a guy from Jihlava (currently living in Brno) would like to meet them and give her my mail? Then it’s up to her, if she contacts me or not. I’d be very grateful for that.


  17. Is Dominique going to be belted again. She is the best!!

  18. How have those two been lately? Have they resolved their differences? Does Dominique ever want to get married? Has any one responded about it?

    There must be some men throwing them selves at her. She’s gorgeous and from what little we’ve seen she has a fun attitude.

    I’d love to get to know her but I fear it may be impossible because I’m on the other side of the globe! Can I ever stop worrying about the friction between them and move on with my own life? Or would Francis evaluate any of us as a possible son in law?

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