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Natalia Forrest returns! She hates chastity! So why does she return all the time? Well, the answer is of course really simple: cash. A few days in chastity can make her a good amount of cash and she knows she can survive the discomfort and the frustration, because she did a few Chastity Deals before.
I’m really glad to have her back in Holland, although (as usual) she is complaining a lot about the gear. I locked her into a chain style belt, a collar, and a chastity bra. She was fine at first, but when she wanted to do her fitness she ran into a few problems. She wanted to do squats and sit ups. The squats were fine (kind of), but the sit ups on the bench really weren’t possible. Strangely enough, when I came in she had taken her shiny fitness outfit off. She thought it would help (but it didn’t).
She complained a lot of course, Natalia is very funny when she is in chastity, she always seems a bit angry, but she is the sweetest girl in the world! It’s just her way to express her frustration. I asked her about the weird fitness item she brought with her. It turned out to be a weight that you can shake back and forth. Natalia seemed convinced it really helped her muscle toning, I just thought it looked like something else…
Anyway, Natalia’s Chastity Deal was far from over, this was just the start. If she is already complaining this much, I’m afraid it will be getting a bit worse in the next few days! Stay tuned for more adventures with this hot British babe who keeps returning for the chastity she hates.

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  1. Awesome! Absolutely the right outfit every girl should be wearing. Love it! Hide the keys well webmaster for a long time.

  2. After Natalia is out of chastity you should get her on the sybian over at Metal Bondage like Vina and Little Caprice were.

    I have been fascinated with how different Natalia Forest and Vina have behaved when in plugged belts and I think it would be interesting to see how the two of them contrast when bound on the sybian.

    I suspect that Natalia may just about explode in a screaming orgasm when compared to how quite Vina was.

  3. Hooray for Natalia! She is my all time favourite chastity babe!
    But a girl like Natalia who complains all the time should be punished with extra time in chastity. How about another day?

  4. Okay, this time don’t ever let her out!! Last time you let her out, and she got pregnant!!

  5. She obviously hated the thigh bands she got a while back. She needs them again.

    She isn’t a dealmaker, she is an actress and needs to be put firmly in her place. She is not in any position to negotiate, her role is to follow instructions. Bring back the thigh bands and the ankle and wrist cuffs.

    But having said that, I will happily add that she gets more and more beautiful every time we see her.

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