chastity belt 

Cute Melissa came to visit yesterday and it was a very hot day in Holland. She wanted to go to the beach to get some tan, so she was hanging around in her colorful bikini waiting for me to drive her to the Dutch coast. No problem, but I just thought another kind of bikini would suit her better… Melissa should have known, she has been coming here for years!
She was still a bit surprised when I locked her into a chastity belt and chastity bra (and collar of course), and she looked at her nice bright bikini that had been tossed aside. She really did not want to go to the beach in a shiny metal bikini! Actually, she flat out refused to go to the beach in the chastity gear. Strange, because Tiffany has proven that it can be done, and those two are good friends!
Melissa thought it would be better to put her own bikini ON TOP of the chastity gear, to hide as much metal as possible. I was ok with that, because the waist style belt was still clearly visible, and so were her bra chains and her collar. I almost convinced her to go like this, until she remembered she brought a black swimsuit too.
She went and got changed into the bathing suit, and it almost made everything disappear! Only the back of the bra was visible, and the collar, but the black suit actually did a really good job of hiding everything. But by now, Melissa had become too insecure. She complained the locking block would be too visible. I don’t think anyone would look twice at it. But I couldn’t convince her, Melissa kept refusing to go to the beach like this, and I refused to unlock her chastity gear. So she was stuck for the rest of the day, sulking at the apartment, where it was boiling hot inside. It was her own fault really…


4 comment(s) to “Melissa – bikini and swimsuit”

  1. A regular belt shiny buckle like the block lock would be a nice accessory to the one piece…though the two suits by them selves are a tough pick. So Melissa is modest about chastity gear but would she be restricted to nude beaches in the gear alone?

  2. DonnaFan says:

    A chastity belt, bra and all those bikini straps… She was right to not go to beach with that first costume. Too strappy.

    But that black suit was hiding enough. Maybe collar or bra chains were a bit too much, but still stylish enough. Sad that she missed the beach! She poses already publicly at the internet, so why to be too shy? And those few people who would know what is that locking block under the swimsuit, would probably be the ones looking red on their faces, not she!

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Perfect! The steel bikini is the right outfit for every activity and going to the beach. Well done webmaster! Also room for a nice challenge. Let her search the key in the dry sand at the beach. Gives her something to do and she should be very motivated then. Otherwise she has to stay in the steel gear until she finds the key.

  4. Very nice clip and model. It would have been interesting to see Melissa wearing a WET black swimsuit and what can be revealed from the chastity gear under a shower of after taking a bath. (if she really doesn’t want to go to a public pool)

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