chastity belt 

Member requests are always fun to do! I asked Jenni C if she wanted to play a silly school girl, as requested by a member, and she thought it would be a lot of fun! Which is a bit surprising, because Jenni C is so dominant she would often refuse to be belted in the past, or even try to put ME in a chastity belt!
Cute school girl Jenni C is wearing a skirt and blouse. No one can see she is also belted in her golden chastity belt, but the slave collar betrays her submissive status. She is told to do some calculations on the black board, but Jenni is not really good at math and she is very slow too. When the teacher loses his patience, he punishes her by removing her skirt and blouse, leaving her to stand in front of the black board (facing it) to think about why she is a useless student. Fortunately for Jenni, she has other qualities that will get her further in life.

6 comment(s) to “Jenni C – school girl”

  1. Basil Blake says:


    Chastity belts should be mandatory for school girls.

    Great job, dear webmaster.

  2. roadie12 says:

    Jenni C is in for more than detention, how long will she want to stay locked in her belt?

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Give her a steel bra too to make the outfit complete. Belt and bra should be standard.

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