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We are almost at the end of Donna’s Chastity Deal. There is no possibility of extending because we already bought her plane tickets beforehand. She to fly back this week. Oh well, it was very nice having her over, and she has been a real trooper in her Carrara gear. We have done so much together this month! It really is a lot of video material! I will release some of it later, because it was quite fun to go to public places with Donna.
But at the moment, she is doing the final Challenge of her Chastity Deal, which means her hands will be chained to her collar for 24 hours! Donna expected something like this already, and I am sure you did too. The chains are quite short, so Donna can not touch herself even if she was not wearing a chastity belt, but of course the heavy Carrara belt stays on. Some of you have suggested that a collar and cuffs Challenge with a short chain is technically a Chastity Deal too, and Donna would never be able to be naughty, but I just love seeing her in the belt, securely locked.
Donna is currently doing very well in her predicament. She can eat and drink, and use her phone, which are the probably the things she does the most during the day. She did even sleep like this (with some protesting), which was not even that hard compared to getting used to sleeping in the bra. Donna did not really sleep much because every little movement caused a rattling noise from the chains, but she can sleep when she gets back to Italy. At the moment, it is just important that she finishes all her Challenges. She is looking forward to her unbelting (I’m not) and especially the cash prize that she managed to earn with ease this time. It was so great to have her back, I hope she will decide to come back again soon!

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  1. More like an inconvenience as all tasks require bending over because of the reach restriction. I know you can’t leave Donna confined in the apartment for safety reasons but a real tease would be leaving the keys there but with a leash just long enough without the cuffs but too short with them.

  2. Hey, there’s an idea for a woman in chastity/handcuffs: tickle torture. Baby oil, brushes, now there’s some ideas. :=)

  3. Basil Blake says:

    Will she wear her My-Steel in Italy?

    I don’t like the idea of Donna remaining unbelted…

    She should have a keyholder and supervisor of her virtue!

  4. Ah, she’s the chastity babe number1!

    DavonKim is at least as hot as she, but never positive..
    ..and Chastity is all about attitude after all.

    PS. When you chain hands “out of reach” like this, remove the belt! The idea of chastity without chastity belt is intriquing!

  5. The wrist chains encourage feminine posture and hand movements and should be mandatory. Donna is amazing, hopefully she will return and you can be even more strict with her.

    Perhaps a corset with backboard will be her next challenge.

  6. Unknownthing268 says:

    It is a shame to see her time belted is almost over. Here’s to hoping she returns soon though, maybe even be belted for longer

    • Unknownthing268 says:

      That’s something I’d like to see as well, maybe Birdy Dee or Cobie (If they aren’t busy). Maybe even have two or three do a challenge together

  7. slavelabor says:

    Send Donna home in a heavy collar, and pay her for every photo or video see sends back for her fans. If she wants freedom she has to fly back and do another chastity deal…just a thought.

  8. Just renewed my membership. What are the odds of a one piece swimsuit update in the next month?

  9. Maybe a bra with an intergated lock would be easier to sleep in.

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