chastity belt 

Another little photo shoot with Donna on this Sunday as a bonus for members. ‘Where are the heels?’, you asked. Well, here they are: Donna in heels! She doesn’t wear heels often, but I had some in my studio. She looks great in heels and her belt! I can’t believe she is already 11 days into her Deal! Maybe it’s time to make it a little harder for her soon!

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  1. Ciao Donna, sei bellissima.

  2. tbone2917 says:

    Love the heels!

  3. Dunno if Donna is willing for it. But vibe challenge like with Tina would be amazing. Exept Tina got her release. Mostly your challenges dont focus on denial, only for bearing the gears discomfort. Great possibility to explore long term denial and teasing.

  4. 2 questions, did Donna pack her watch & if so can she wear it in subsiquent updates & will Donna be handcuffed at any time?
    Please say yes to both!

  5. Locking high heels and red toenails. Unbeatable combination on a woman. Donna gets hotter all the time.

  6. Great!

    “Sei bellissima”, I say.

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