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Donna’s first day went pretty well! I left her alone for a while, to get settled in the apartment, unpacking, and notifying her family and friends she had arrived safely. She seemed to be okay in the heavy Carrara belt, the great hip padding looks very promising for VERY long term wear.
But after about an hour, she already messaged me to come over. I hurried back to the apartment, to find a smiling Donna telling me she needed to go to the toilet. We have agreed that she doesn’t have to pee through the belt in the first week (at least), and number 2 is not possible at all in this cable style belt. So she will have to ask me for a toilet break a few times a day. I don’t mind, I love coming over and spending time with her. Donna seems so positive and healthy compared to last time! She is all smiles! Of course, it’s only been 2 days so let’s see if she will stay positive.
Donna’s toilet breaks will be supervised. The whole point of a Chastity Deal is chastity! No touching! In theory, a Chastity Deal could be done without a belt, maybe cuffing the wrists to the collar, especially at night. If enough people like this idea, I will try to do an unbelted Chastity Deal in the near future! But not with Donna, she will always be locked in a belt! It would actually be strange to see her without a belt (like the brief glimpse we can see today during her break).
In the next week, I will introduce her to the Carrara built-in rinsing system. It should reduce the number of toilet breaks to 1 a day (maximum), because then I don’t have to come over every time Donna has to pee. Or I could just ‘accidentally’ arrive very late after she asks me for a break, so she will have to try peeing through the belt. We will see. I don’t want to make it too hard on her yet. Let her get used to the weight of this belt and also to the permanent collar. There is plenty of time to have some more fun with extra challenges!

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  1. hm – not nice – now i has to get a membership again :-)

  2. Donna seems happy to return to here. I hope she can get used quickly to the collar. Very good to see her again here

  3. I think the unbelted deal would be fun.

    I also think a deal/scenario where you belt them and collar them but put their belt keys on the collar so they have them but can’t use them would be fun. Either straight on the collar or with a chain that is infuriatingly only a few mm short.

  4. I think she should use the peeing option of the belt. Makes it a more intimate experience for her. Especially since the belt has a cleaning system.

    Looking forward to a toilet video like the one with Charlotte!

  5. Unknownthing268 says:

    Note: This is a comment I posted on the bonus pictures

    For Donna being so willing to come back, maybe she should be rewarded for being so happy in the new belt and for being the one who got this site where it is today. Maybe get her something that matches one of her first two belts, maybe a watch like the one she wore during her first deal?

  6. I like to see Donna peeing in her belt.

  7. roadie12 says:

    doing well I see

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