chastity belt 

Hands cuffed to the sides of her tight belt, very tight ballgag, Kerry knew that her office training was getting ramped up. I loved having Kerry run around the office, not being able to speak, having a very hard time doing her job. Yes, I can be mean, but I can assure you: Kerry loves this! She is a huge bondage fan!
The ballgag was supposed to make her focused on her job even more, just like her tight NeoSteel belt. And to make sure she couldn’t take her super tight ballgag off, I had to cuff her hands to the sides of her belt. Makes sense. The only problem was: Kerry was actually a lot slower now, she couldn’t answer the phone, she couldn’t type, and she was just mumbling and stumbling around the office.
Oh well, she is cute. And cute girls can get away with anything, even if they are not a big help. To train her a little bit more, I ‘accidentally’ spilled lots of pins on the desk and on the floor. OOPS. That certainly looked like a task for Kerry! I called her in to clean up the mess, and she did not even protest (much). Well, I could barely understand her with this ballgag, so I just assumed she was trying her best.
Kerry was very slow picking up all these pins. Especially the ones on the floor were hard to reach for her, with her hands cuffed to the sides of her chastity belt. She really needs to get more training, because I would say she is not very good at her job yet. What other tasks can I give her? Hmmm…

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  1. Can’t type, can’t use the phone, can’t read you memos, can’t give you status updates……What position was it that you hired her for again?

  2. LoveSteel says:

    Now a steel bra is mandatory! Suppose Kerry falls? She should be well protected for all these pins on the floor. So webmaster, as a responsible employer you have to take care of Kerry’s safety so give her a protective bra immediately before something bad happens.

  3. The last office in the world with a litlle old typewriter….
    Very cute update.

  4. Mistress Jessica says:

    I suggest the bra next

  5. roadie12 says:

    another task that few want to do

  6. I’d rather suggest restraining her with a wrists-to-collar-spreader-bar like that used in the 2002 movie “Secretary” by Steven Shainberg… Maggie Gyllenhaal looked great working in the office with that outfit!

  7. She clearly needs more training so, as an employer who values their staff, you should give her extensive training. Lots and lots of hours, bound in exactly the same gear trying to do what secretaries do, i.e. sorting dossier folders etc.

  8. Nice shirt :)

    A corset?
    Nipple clamps? Or, something to protect against suchs ;)

    Cuffs that allow doing work, but prevent raising hands to took ballgag of…

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