Wonderful news always comes unexpected! The number one Chastity Babe has reached out to me and she wants to come back to Holland this year (very soon actually!). She asked me to prepare a 30 day Chastity Deal, because she needs money and she needs it fast. I’m always happy to help, because Donna from Italy has a very special place in my heart. She is the girl who made this website what it is today, with her amazing determination.
She has done three Chastity Deals so far: in 2012 (in a pink custom made belt), in 2014 in a red My-Steel belt (which I gave to my studio assistant Anahi now), and in 2015 in an old style Carrara belt (and heavy custom made collar). What style of belt will she be locked into for 30 days in 2017? I will have to think about it, but I have a nice idea. Suggestions are always welcome of course! Soon, you will be able to enjoy your favorite Italian babe in chastity once again! I’m super excited, I hope you are too!!

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    I would love to see her in her MySteel Total and her chastity bra.

    Also some video recordings of guided cleaning sessions (her vulva is very beautiful…).

    Will she offer Meet & Greet shootings?

  2. james smith says:

    Have her in full chastity and plugged

  3. 30 days??, nah…. 130 days, lets beat the old record, great seeing you back donna.

  4. I would love to see a long Chastity Deal with something evil, like, some Geisha ball lock :P

  5. LoveSteel says:

    Love to see her in full chastity including the bra. Some challenges including handcuffs would be fun too.

    • Please show a cleaning break, unlock through to relock. I’m curious how much effort it takes to keep a locked girl clean.

  6. David Sellmon says:

    Webmaster, what do you think about the new Access Denied line of belts: https://www.chastityco.com

    I think they’d look pretty sweet on Donna :3

  7. Donna fanatic says:

    Welcome Donna!!!
    I hope she will be belted in the heavy belt from mysteel as the earlier poll claim was overly popular of the choices. I also hope she gets a couple of fancysteel shoes. Enjoy your stay Donna!

  8. David Sellmon says:

    I’m so happy that Donna will be back! I would like to see her EITHER in a FancySteel belt-collar-combo (their collars match their belts pretty good) OR a MySteel belt-bra combo (maybe you could find some replacement belt for Anahí during Donna’s stay and order a pink MySteel chastity bra matching the belt). But Donna wasn’t so inclined about the bra last time, so maybe you should stick to belt and (light) collar, I want to see her smiling!

  9. Bill Park says:

    This is great news! I would love to see her in a Neosteel Total or one of the new Access Denied belts.

  10. Yes. Have Donna stay as long as she wants. Have her wear locking heels, toenails painted all the time, too.

    Donna will get used to the belt fast. It’s a good sign when a babe wants to be belted! Belt Donna as soon as possible.

    Chastity bra, just make sure it’s super comfortable for long term wear. Let Donna’s bondage be comfortable and enjoyable.

  11. You should do something evil to make this deal better and tougher than the last one. I would like to see her belted for two months or lock her for month but in complete chastity! WITH chastity bra and thigh bands TOO! :)

  12. My god. Have I really been coming to this site for seven years? Lord I feel old now. Donna must be getting up in years too. I say it’s time to make it permanent. She can just be the new Davon!

    • I agree, Davon isn’t even in the same league as Donna. Maybe have the deal start by taking all the chastity gear off of Davon and placing it on Donna. Not sure how different they are in size.
      Or better yet lock Donna in chastity gear but also have her be mistress/key holder to Davon.

  13. I’d hate to see it be so tough that she has a hard time completing it–she seemed to have some issues last time. But I’d love to see some footage of her being obviously horny in the belt–like being teased from inside the belt every day. Would love to see more of her trying to get at herself like she did one night last time.

  14. Would love to see her go for a swim during this visit. Maybe in a one piece swimsuit.

    • Actually, even better: You could have her go swimsuit shopping and try on a variety of one piece and two piece suits. (This would be a good update idea for any model, but especially for Donna.)

  15. pluglover says:

    Full chastity along with bondage equipment and fully plugged of course! double plugged please!!! ;) This would be so great…

  16. Great news.

    Don’t go over the top with her. Keep her locked in a belt she can wear for days without release, and just a nice (not too big or heavy) collar.

    I want her to be chaste, but enjoying herself.

    • David Sellmon says:


    • Agreed. Give her a deal – not an ORdeal. (Sorry for the pun, but seriously – no need to make her miserable the entire time.)

    • fokusnik says:

      I definitely agree too… we all love to see the girls in chastity, and some bondage is fine too (like on Metalbondage), but she should be comfortable (insofar as possible) and have some opportunity to enjoy herself (which doesn’t include touching herself, obviously).
      Personally, I’m not a fan of the thigh bands, as the racket that they make precludes (reasonably) going out in public.

  17. Should wear thigh bands all the time, but the bands should only be connected during the night. In the morning she should be allowed to remove the chain or the padlock.

    She also should wear a collar paermanently, rather as jewelry in order not to strain her.

  18. Thong style mysteel or neosteel please!

  19. Awesome! Would love to see Donna again. Hey maybe we can get her in that same chastity outfit Metal Melissa wore with the gloves and stockings. As for the belt, maybe a back to origins with the pink chastity belt.

  20. David Sellmon says:

    You could also spice up the deal by making her wear (small and light) wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a collar 24/7, like the ones from EternityCollars: http://www.eternitycollars.com/sites/default/files/styles/flexslider_full/public/ec-satin-red.jpg?itok=bk5VRfc0

  21. It would be awesome to see Donna on the site again! Let’s not go so far off the deep end and scare her away like last time by going too far with the demands.

    Keep it simple, and anything that ramps it up (adding the bra, thigh bands, etc.) make it temporary, not the entire time.

  22. Please let her ride a bike.

  23. Good news – she i s fantastic. I of cause think she should be in a collar – she look FANTASTIC in that heavy collar last time.
    IF it was possible to shoot a day with her and Anahi i would be soooo happy

  24. powermac says:

    live skype chat fully belted plugged

  25. I think it’s fair to say, that Donna has a special place in all of our hearts. It would be awesome if you could get her to sign up for a plugged deal.

  26. roadie12 says:

    she seems to have been away for too long…

  27. Donna is gorgeous. My favorite was the red belt.

    You’ve never done a written punishment. She should have to write, 200 times each day and 500 times on Sundays, in a punishment book, “Thank you master, I love my chastity belt” and then kneel facing a wall reciting the same statement orally for 15 minutes.

  28. Ah, Donna is back! Put her in some heels, and I’ll become a member!

  29. Donna fanatic says:

    So when will Donna arrive and what intressting stuff has been planned for her?

  30. DonnaFanBack! says:


    Stylish belt. Not needed to be heavy of weird (like the last carrara..), just what looks nice and makes it difficult for her to prevent being aroused, but impossible to get satisfied!

    – Geisha balls, etc…
    – HEELS! Don’t forget the heels!

    No need to be steel, just heels so much that she can’t walk on flats after the deal anymore ;)

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