chastity belt 

Well, Kerry’s first day on the job did not really go as expected. Right after she was hired, she was left alone with a pile of paperwork, but all she could think about was her chastity belt. Wow, it was tight! It was making her incredibly horny, even though she did not want to admit to herself that it did.
She took off her dress and tried prodding at the padlock. NeoSteel belts have a secured padlock with bolt protector and the padlock can not move (only rotate a bit). It can’t even be cut by boltcutters. If you lose the key, you are really really doomed. Kerry did not have the key, but she was getting very desperate to touch herself. The belt was so tight she could not even get her fingers between the belt and her skin. This was terrible! How was she supposed to work like this? She was thinking about the job interview, where I told her the belt would make her more focused on her work. Well, clearly it had the opposite effect!
When I came in, Kerry had taken off her dress. She quickly stopped touching the belt and looked at me with her big eyes and smiling face. I asked her if she had been trying to open the belt (because her dress was on the floor), but she said she was ‘just hot’. A bit strange to take off your clothes on your first working day… I did not believe her. Kerry is super cute, so it was hard to get mad at her, but after checking the belt and collar were still secure (and making her put her dress back on), I left her again, hoping that she would actually do some work instead of tugging at the padlock and rubbing her front shield. It’s hard to find good help these days!!

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    Reduce some more distraction by adding the nice shiny steel bra. That must look so good on her. She is so cute.

    • Mistress Jessica says:

      I agree leave the bra out by accident and make sure you don’t leave the keys. Let’s see what this minx is up to and see if temptation gets the better of her and locks it herself. And then say you will only be released once all your and your jo

  2. Stephen Miletus says:

    “Sorry Kerry, you’re just not working out as my secretary, so I’ll need to let you go. However, I do have another opening you appear to be a good fit for…”

  3. I am impressed to see an old typewriter in an office 2017! ;)

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